with yourself, your children, and your community

Imagine a circle of mothers and babies in your community,
... being cared for and appreciated by other women.
... cultivating your unique art of mothering.
... creating a network of support and friendship. 
... learning the secrets of self-care from the wise women in your community.
... in the midst of a joyful gathering with your babies.

This is Mothering Arts.

Learn and Connect

Online Courses

Learn how to create a Healthy Home Rhythm at your own pace from home or light your inner fire in The Mothering Arts Collective.

Find a Group Near You

Celebrate and slow down in this tender postpartum year by connecting with other mothers and babies in your community.

Facilitator Training

Become a warm presence of support for families. Learn how to create a nurturing circle for mothers and babies in  your own community. Our one week online training will show you how. Our next course is scheduled to begin Fall 2018.

Don't miss the monthly Mothering Arts Muse

Full of games, recipes, self-care tips, and ways to connect!

Resource Articles for Mothers


Receive valuable resources to cultivate your art of mothering. Learn ways to nurture yourself, your family and your community.


Nourishing and tasty recipes that make every bite a healthy dose of wellness.


Learn simple songs and games to strengthen connection with your baby through joyful play.



Mothering Arts is fundamentally devoted to uplifting the postpartum journey. We do this by teaching women how to create multi-generational gatherings in her community which nurture parents and babies.  Our online leadership training,  resource blog, and local groups build community, inspire a practice of radical self-care, and cultivate deep joy-filled connection with our babies. Each group is as unique as the community she serves, and shares the common value of supporting the well-being of families and building friendships. No amount of friends on a screen can replace the heart to heart connection of when people come together in real life.

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