Community Supported Postpartum

Imagine a gathering of mothers and babies in your community,
... being acknowledged and supported.
... cultivating your unique art of mothering.
... creating a network of support and friendship. 
... learning practical ways to care for yourself from the wise folks in your community.
... in the midst of a joyful gathering with your babies.

This is Mothering Arts.

Learn and Connect

Find a Group Near You

Celebrate and slow down in this tender postpartum year by connecting with other mothers and babies in your community.

Community Supported Postpartum Course

Parents don't need another online group. They need each other.

When it comes to connection and community, nothing compares to in-person, heart-to-heart gatherings.

If you believe that the postpartum year is a special time and that communities should wrap parents of newborns in support and care…

...and it’s time for YOU to create that in your community, learn more and sign up for our next community supported postpartum course. We begin May 18, 2019

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In the Blog

I write about the ways communities can support new parents AND the ways new parents can grow their communities.

Because you are growing our future and you deserve a community of care.

We also have guest writers who share stories and resources through the lens of parenting.

Resource Articles for Mothers


Receive valuable resources to cultivate your art of mothering. Learn ways to nurture yourself, your family and your community.


Nourishing and tasty recipes that make every bite a healthy dose of wellness.


Learn simple songs and games to strengthen connection with your baby through joyful play.



Mothering Arts is fundamentally devoted to uplifting the postpartum journey. We do this by teaching folks how to create multi-generational gatherings in their community which nurture parents and babies.  Our community supported postpartum course,  resource blog, and local groups build community, no amount of friends on a screen can replace the heart to heart connection of when people come together in real life.

Mothering Arts is a community support group model that’s here to wrap new parents in care, support and acknowledgement… that you and your family can flourish in these precious postpartum days and months.

This is an inclusive environment. We recognize and affirm that not every body that births is female and that not every post-partum parent has given birth. We welcome you in this tender season of life when you have a body that has recently birthed, when you’re a new parent, when you’re a postpartum mother, or when you’re an adoptive or foster parent of a newborn.

But our current culture, however, often ignores or abandons mothers & parents of newborns at the moment you need us most.

We are here to change that by helping you access and develop your web of support.

Together we can rally to make sure that you and other newborn parents like you have everything you need to thrive -- including a flourishing community of care.

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