Winter Blessings

Artwork by Amanda Clark

Artwork by Amanda Clark

Even though the light is slowly beginning to grow again now that Solstice has passed, we are only beginning the dormant season of Winter. Winter is the perfect time for stillness. We still have plenty of time to deepen into the season with our questions, our dreams and visions, and take time for our small hibernations.


Winter is like the womb of the year – It is a space that holds all potential, as well as great mystery. The dark has its purpose…it is the rich nourishing earth where the roots grow. The seeds are sheltered here before they sprout.


This is the most “feminine” time of year, with its ability to transform and heal in the depths, beneath our conscious awareness.. This time of gestation may not look very active, but foundations are being laid that will support the plans and passions of the entire year to come.

Winter invites you to rest your mind and body, and cultivate your imagination with some quiet time. We need to remember that rest is regenerative and essential to the success of everything else we do! Rest is not “doing nothing!” Rest is when our bodies build and cleanse. It’s when our brain puts things together in new and innovative ways, sorting and sifting our experiences for meaning and connection.  Restful or non-focused times are when we are most likely to have those “aha” moments that can change everything!

So give it some time to let things loosen, to dream your dreams, to be nourished and comforted.  We gain strength, wisdom and perspective when we allow ourselves to deepen into these dark places.

Remember, all throughout the year, that you may also take this same break from your normal routine each month during the dark of the moon, and during your own menstrual time. Each month you can create space to just “let go” in some way!

Winter by Karen Davis

Winter by Karen Davis

Observing natural cycles like this is a powerful tool for self-care, and a revolutionary way to approach being a woman in modern culture! So give yourself these “mini” seasons each month, remembering the value of your own personal “winter!”

When you do this, the remainder of the month has a very different quality, a feeling of being on-purpose and empowered from deep within. You’ll begin to feel this sustaining rhythm in your life, knowing that just as you expand outward, you will be returning to yourself to take time for self-care…just like the seasons.

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