Trusting the Moon Cycle by Barbara Hanneloré


This month I find myself in the midst of huge transitions, as I am rather unexpectedly moving to a new home and needing a new car, all while creating a new website and taking advanced massage training so I can qualify for the new California state license! Wow, what a rush – I would have never dreamed all this would happen at once!

I really had the opportunity to experience the shift of energies during the last week or so, between the Dark Moon and the New Moon.moon cycle

Last week I was feeling distraught and unsure of myself and my decisions. Things were not clear to me and I felt a lot of anxiety. I kept taking steps forward, in faith, and sure enough, as the Dark Moon transitioned to the New Moon, an entire new energy began to unfold. My biggest concerns found resolution and I could see and feel my way forward again with assurance.

How many times have I told myself, and others, that one of the qualities of the Dark is – that you cannot see! You cannot expect yourself to think clearly or see very far ahead during the intuitive depths of the darkest times. That is not what these times are FOR. They are for letting go, and facilitating letting go in any way that we can. They are for letting go through tears, through movement, writing, spoken word, breath, laughter and trust. They are for big huge doses of self-love during this period of not-knowing.

We have opportunity here to do some healing by facing the fear or feeling – without needing to fix or understand or give it a story!It is hugely courageous to do this! Not easy by any means. But, the more you are able to do this dance of trust and release, the more you make way for the new.

I could have used more of my own medicine last week, as I kept hoping for clarity and worrying about the uncertainties instead of exploding into some outrageous dancing-and-chanting wildness to celebrate the frustration and mystery I was feeling at that point! I was a little too caught up in the logistics of it all to quite manage that. 

But sure enough, with the New Moon I felt entirely different. THIS is the assurance that knowledge of cycle brings. When we are in the dark we can feel so discouraged and think it will last forever. But it is a phase. It will pass. Knowing this truth can help us ride the wave for what it is, instead of trying to push it and make it into something different, something that will feel more comfortable.

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