The Cycle of Balance  

One of the many beautiful and even miraculous things about the menstrual cycle is that it follows the same rhythm as the moon’s phases, or the seasons of the year.  This is a simple truth that has been understood by all people on the earth in earlier times, though it is not something we have ever been taught in modern culture.

Bringing back the ability to tune in to nature within ourselves has huge benefits for us now. It can help us avoid burnout, optimize our time, and take better care of ourselves, in addition to keeping us more in tune with the natural world.

Today I’ll share the “Cycle of Balance” with you, about approaching the month in an entirely new way, and then we can elaborate on this over time, in the months to come.

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The moon and the seasons are similar, in that they each have a bright, radiant time, and a darker, more withdrawn time as well. This is a very useful model for us, because it is a predictable pattern of expansion and contraction, which is basically the way all of nature works! Even when we take a breath and let it out again, we are following that cyclic pattern of expanding and then returning to where we started.

So, the lovely thing about women’s cycles is that, energetically, they invite us into a similar rhythm. We expand into a more active, socially engaged and radiant time each month, usually around our time of ovulation, which is followed by a time of stepping back to catch up with ourselves again, as menstruation approaches.

Each woman is unique, of course, but most women follow a somewhat similar pattern and can learn helpful ways to anticipate and support these changes each month.

One of the most valuable ways to engage with your own rhythms is to keep a personal calendar, in order to notice how things change from week to week. You can keep track of how feelings, interests, appetites, energy levels, moods, and more, change during the “phases” of your month.


If you are not cycling regularly, then beginning to notice what is happening may help to regulate your cycle over time. And once you

do establish a menstrual rhythm again, you’ll have a much better understanding of how to support yourself all month long!

You may want to begin by just starting to pay more attention to the moon, since it has a reliable pattern each month and can also offer you some stable rhythm.

Start to pay attention to what phase the moon is in, where it is in the sky…and how you feel around those times of the month. Some of us are influenced by the moon more than others. Do you notice a difference in your mood or energy level as the moon changes?

There is a magical and soothing connection between women and the moon, and following the moon can help to regulate the menstrual cycle too!

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Next month I’ll share more about the phases of the moon, and the types of energy they represent. I hope you have a wonderful month, and find small moments to care for yourself and even look for the moon!

Barbara Hannelore is the author of  The Moon and You.







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