The Conundrum of Conscious Parenting.


grandmother and babyPart of our ‘coming of age’ and ‘finding ourselves’ involved leaving our hometowns and the level of consciousness they embody and planting ourselves in areas that evoke and support the continuous awakening of a broader awareness of ourselves, the world, god, and the meaning of our lives. Our hometowns and blood families served us well in providing everything that we needed up to a point in our lives when when we were ready to really take the deep dive into exploring and evolving our consciousness.

Now as parents, we have circumvented the planet to find precisely the perfect place for ourselves and our family. We want our child to enjoy the consciousness of clean food, love,appreciation and care for the earth, people being responsible for the power of their minds and the creation of their own lives. We want our child to be a part of a community of conscious humans that are living in harmony with their earth and each other, and run free with a pack of pure, wild, imaginative, and soulful children. We want her magic and innate gifts to flourish and every adult she interacts with to speak and love her into her most magnificent expression. We want her to witness those around her modeling a path towards self mastery. We don’t want her to have to re-live the trauma that we experienced. We want to transform our lineage by offering our child(ren) a different consciousness to be birthed into and nurtured by.

But for many of us…the bold search for conscious community and departure from our blood families has left us feeling isolated and overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with keeping a home, paying the bills, maintaining a marriage, and caring for the children (even if in a town where yoga, meditation, organic food and evolutionary conversations are easily accessed). Cooped up in a single family home with no extended family nearby, there feels a sense of sadness and a deep missing of the familial elder-child relationships that resound healing through the genetic lineage.

Seeing our own parents (who no doubt royally floundered the role as our parents on so many levels and caused so many of the wounds we’ve spent the last 15 years working on) bond with our child in absolute adoration and unconditional love, suddenly we realize how loved we are and always have been even if it hadn’t been expressed in the ways that we wanted. A healing balm washes over any old wounds. Seeing our child laugh and play, and run through the halls of her grandparent’s house in blissful abandon with her most adored and adoring playmates (grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles,) our hearts open wide, our whole being says ‘YES’. She’s happy and everything she needs to thrive, now, is right here.

But what about all those things that we also want for her? That we also want for ourselves. Do we have to sacrifice the consciousness of our ‘community’ for this truest and most organic sense of community: our extended family? Do we have to leave behind our blood family if we wholeheartedly want to evolve our planet and ourselves? I do believe that the reality we are creating involves no sacrifice. That the village we are calling forth into existence bridges all needs and offers the warmth and unconditional familial bond of community that we long for as well as provides the support and inspiration necessary to honor the deep and vast journey of our lives, to expand ourselves into the ultimate expression of who we are, to give our gifts fully in service to the evolution of consciousness on the planet and to be in joy and gratitude for our lives each and every day. I believe that by critical mass we can cause an awakening that includes these beloveds of ours, and that our blood families will also get to enjoy the beauty of what we are creating here on earth.

I feel this reality getting closer to us. I long for it with my entire being. I trust that I will experience it in my lifetime…and I call forth the speeding up on this manifestation process. I see my village now. Our planet is healed. Our Relationships are healed. I AM healed. We are thriving together in unconditional love, support, and inspiration. We are One and Heaven is here on Earth NOW.

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