The Best Summer Ever

Making summer memories


Summer is my very favorite season. Ripe peaches and plums bend the branches in our yard, the sun shines long enough for after dinner walks and summer is the season when our family experiences our favorite feeling; timelessness. There is something magical about this season and how it invites a natural slowing, a relishing and delight to the days. Our family has discovered that when we loose track of time, we feel most connected.

We usually loose track of time when we are in nature, hiking, camping, paddling down a river or building sandcastles. We are unplugged and feel fully present in the moment. Play is another activity that creates timelessness for us, group games like kickball, riding bikes with our neighbors to the Tuesday night farm market or simply playing catch in the driveway.

What are the activities that cultivate a sense of timelessness for your family? 

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Before you get swallowed in the summer groove, pause and take a minute to make a plan on how you want to spend your summer together.

Start with the heart. How do you want to feel this summer? I mentioned before the feeling that we love most, timelessness. What is your guiding intention? It can be more than one word.

Fill in the blank: I want more___________ this summer and less______________.    For our family, we want more joy, more puttering, more of a slow pace this summer, and less running around, scheduled events and busyness. Please share in the comments, what you want more of and less of this summer.

Make a summer bucket list: For the sake of fun and not for the sake of staying busy. Call a family fun meeting and ask everyone to share a few things they would like to do together this summer. Write it down. Then see if it aligns with your guiding intention and your more and less statement. Need some ideas? Download our More Play Guide to inspire your own fun list.

Grab the calendar: I am all for spontaneity...and I speak from experience that summer can both slow down and speed up time. Write a few things on the calendar and protect those special days. Our family is doing a number of staycation weekends where we unplug and be totally spontaneous for two days. We also have a scheduled plans like camping trips, long hikes and regular fun (we play volleyball every Wednesday night with neighbors).

Create a weekly rhythm: You know I am a fan of rhythm, and summer has it's own pace within the bigger rhythm of the year. If it feels like it might support you, make a few themed days through the week. Monday could be water day with visits to the pool, canoeing on the river or a day at the beach. Wednesdays could be creative day with art projects, nature art, going to make or listen to music or visit a museum. Maybe a day for getting together with friends, having a picnic dinner in the park, tenting in your backyard, exploring local parks or trying new things like rollerskating or even a new restaurant. If you need more support around creating rhythm, you can join our Healthy Home Rhythms class anytime for only $40



  1. Jessica Rios on June 1, 2018 at 6:30 am

    Lavishing in your gorgeous thoughts, that’s what I want more of this summer! Thanks for the great questions and invitation. Ahh, what does our family want more of this summer? Time by water! We experience timelessness when we are in or near natural bodies of water. Swimming in Sweden’s lakes and sailing next week (up the coast a little at Klädelsholmen) will kick things off just right!

    • Kerry Ingram on June 1, 2018 at 8:42 am

      Thanks, Jess! Summer is such a special time near those natural bodies of water. I hope you and your family relish in the lakes, stream, oceans and rivers as much as possible.

  2. Belle on June 28, 2018 at 9:48 am

    Such wisdom! Thank you!!!

    • Kerry Ingram on June 28, 2018 at 3:43 pm

      Thank you, Belle.

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