Time Outs For Parents by Michelle Welch LMFT

Time Outs For Parents: 6 Steps on How to NOT ‘Lose Your Cool’ With Your Child By Michelle Welch, LMFT Whether it is holding an inconsolable crying newborn during the ‘witching hour,’ trying to muscle a willful toddler into the car seat, or being told ‘I hate you’ in an argument with an older child,…

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Baby Ergonomics, 4 Quick Tips

You know how many companies have OSHA come in and teach how to lift heavy things? Well, mamas are notoriously hurting backs, necks and other body parts while just caring for baby day to day. A few years back, my friend Indira actually came to my home after I gave birth and gave me a…

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Postpartum Depression: What You Need to Know

The birth of a baby brings about a range of emotions-joy, relief, elation, and feelings of being overwhelmed, tired, and sometimes, depression. The hormonal fluctuations and changes after a woman has given birth is powerful, and real. Many women I work with often say,“I didn’t think taking care of a baby would be this hard.” …

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Nurturing our Relationship

Nurture your relationship as you would nurture a seedling Relationships are alive and dynamic they need love, care, and nourishment to thrive. The first year of new parenthood can be both blissful and the most stressful time of our entire lives. Few people acknowledge the earth shifting impact of parenthood on our relationship/marriage. Life becomes…Read More

Vulnerability as a Strength

I use to think crying was a sign of weakness. It isn’t. I just wasn’t in touch with my emotions enough to express all that was in my heart. As a mother I have quickly learned that crying is not a weakness, it is a way to discharge emotion, to move on, to let go,…

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The Yoni Steam

yoni steam seat

Yoni Steaming . . . ?!!!! Yoni steaming is an old wise woman way of healing yourself directly through your yoni. An herbal blend is made for you; herbs will be specific to your condition. The herbs are brewed in a steam pot, and the pot is placed under your open seated chair. Blankets and…

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The Cycle of Balance  

One of the many beautiful and even miraculous things about the menstrual cycle is that it follows the same rhythm as the moon’s phases, or the seasons of the year.  This is a simple truth that has been understood by all people on the earth in earlier times, though it is not something we have…

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Yoga Nidra: Relaxing Deeply to Reside in Bliss

“The idea of Yoga Nidra is to lie in repose and relax the entire body.”   Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep is a deeply restorative practice often practiced at the end of a yoga class, or after the Yoga asana (postures) to prepare the body for meditation. Practiced alone it can offer a profoundly nourishing…

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Mamas & Babies: Building Immunity and Wellness  

      This is the time to back off of outer responsibilities & tune in to our inner need for self-care.  Honor this time of Rest & Recoup, and know that we are doing the important work of modeling this self-care behavior for our children, & building their immunity.   Herbal baths are essentially…

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