Let’s hear from the dads!

For this month’s newsletter, I asked 3 fathers to share a bit about their experience of fatherhood and here is what Michael, Karmendra and Chris shared.  Kevin Karmendra Rossy~Father of one sweet pea. Tell me a little about your family….. My wife Jayantii, and I are a unique and simple couple that I feel try…

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Softening our Edges

Parenting can give us dozens of opportunities (sometimes all in one day) to be taken to our edge. Sleep deprivation, crying and whining can bring one to her threshold. One practice that I find so helpful is to soften my edge when I get there. Typically when I find edge my child is clearly needing…

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The Conundrum of Conscious Parenting.

  Part of our ‘coming of age’ and ‘finding ourselves’ involved leaving our hometowns and the level of consciousness they embody and planting ourselves in areas that evoke and support the continuous awakening of a broader awareness of ourselves, the world, god, and the meaning of our lives. Our hometowns and blood families served us…Read More

Nurturing our Relationship

Nurture your relationship as you would nurture a seedling Relationships are alive and dynamic they need love, care, and nourishment to thrive. The first year of new parenthood can be both blissful and the most stressful time of our entire lives. Few people acknowledge the earth shifting impact of parenthood on our relationship/marriage. Life becomes…Read More

Vulnerability as a Strength

I use to think crying was a sign of weakness. It isn’t. I just wasn’t in touch with my emotions enough to express all that was in my heart. As a mother I have quickly learned that crying is not a weakness, it is a way to discharge emotion, to move on, to let go,…

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Freedom From Fundamentalism

I grew up on the east coast, lived for eleven years in a tiny ski town in Colorado and five years ago moved to the north bay area of California.  I settled in a small progressive town about an hour north of San Francisco in Sonoma County.  The weather, beautiful coastline, foods, and free spirited…

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 My husband knew I was nervous because I'd asked him what I should wear at least three times that day. I still hadn’t lost my pregnancy weight and hadn’t realized that the hope of concealing my ripened motherly figure was just a symbol of the burden I carried from the trauma of my son’s birth.…Read More