Trusting the Moon Cycle by Barbara Hanneloré

  This month I find myself in the midst of huge transitions, as I am rather unexpectedly moving to a new home and needing a new car, all while creating a new website and taking advanced massage training so I can qualify for the new California state license! Wow, what a rush – I would have never dreamed all this…

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Self Love & The Moon

Self-love and self-care overlap in many ways, and are easy to appreciate, in theory. We can take better care of others if we are in good condition, ourselves, for one thing! But how do we accomplish this, exactly, in the midst of our busy days? Do you feel challenged in this area? Fortunately, fitting self-care…

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Winter Blessings

Artwork by Amanda Clark Even though the light is slowly beginning to grow again now that Solstice has passed, we are only beginning the dormant season of Winter. Winter is the perfect time for stillness. We still have plenty of time to deepen into the season with our questions, our dreams and visions, and take…Read More

The Cycle of Balance  

One of the many beautiful and even miraculous things about the menstrual cycle is that it follows the same rhythm as the moon’s phases, or the seasons of the year.  This is a simple truth that has been understood by all people on the earth in earlier times, though it is not something we have…

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