Infant Massage

Who can resist a naked little baby covered in coconut oil? Not me. Baby massage is one of the healthiest activities to share with your little one. Touch is the earliest of the senses to be developed in the human embryo and the most developed of all our senses at birth. Touch can lift one’s serotonin levels,…

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Baby’s Body

This Little Cow  A toe touching game like this little piggy, start with the big toe. This little cow eats grass This little cow eats hay This little cow drinks water This little cow moos all day This little cow does nothing, but lies around all day. We’ll chase her, we’ll chase her, and we’ll…Read More

Baby’s Face

The Moon is Round A gentle touching game for baby's face. The moon is round (gently trace around baby's face) The moon is round (repeat) It has two eyes (trace baby's eyebrows) And knows no sound (touch baby's nose, then lips) Eye Winker Eye winker (touch left eyebrow) Tom tinker (touch right eyebrow) Nose smeller…Read More