One of the best parts of being at a Mothering Arts circle is  singing together. Ten mamas, ten babies and one very sweet Grandmother gather each week and start our time together in song. Instantly the energy shifts in the room, the babies are smiling, waving arms, kicking legs and visibly comfortable. The mothers are smiling, looking at each other and we all connect in harmony…pun intended. 

Singing connects us, from lullabies, jump rope rhymes, sappy ballads at your eighth grade dance, to turn-up-the-radio-and-sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-songs. Songs that remind you of falling in love or your Grandmother, or your favorite summer from childhood.

For our little ones, singing is connection, comfort and love. Just by singing you can bring rhythm into your day with your child. Start the day with a good morning song, sing while caring for the home and tidying up, sing a lullaby to transition to rest time, a song to ease tears, and sing through the seasons of the year. Something as simple as singing (and we all can sing), creates connection between you and your child, your environment, and others around you. Added bonus, singing feels great.

Here are a few simple songs to include in your day, my dear friend, Jayantii offered her lovely voice to sweeten the songs with a little harmony. You will hear that I am not a professional or trained singer, I am a parent, just like you, who wants to bring music into our home. So, give it a try and bring some music into your life, find a few friends and sing together. Through your child’s ears you have the sweetest voice on the earth.

Now the day is nearly done

Night is slowly coming on

Sweetly sleep til morning light

Good night, good night

This song can be sung in a round with your partner at bedtime.

Two Little Eyes

Chinese Folk Song

Two little eyes to look around, (touch baby’s eyelids)

Two little ears to hear each sound; (touch ears)

One little nose to smell what’s sweet, (touch nose)

One little mouth that likes to eat. (touch lips)

It’s raining, it’s raining, the roots are getting wet.

It’s raining, it’s raining, the roots are getting wet.

The rain it helps the flowers bloom, the mud we’ll sweep out with our broom.

It’s raining, it’s raining, the roots are getting wet.

A birdie with a yellow bill, hopped on my windowsill.

He cocked his shiny eye and said,

Rise and shine you sleepyhead.

Creeping Little Flea

(Your fingers can walk as the flea up to baby’s nose and down again to baby’s toes.)

Creeping, creeping little flea, up my leg and past my knee.

Up my tummy, here he goes, past my chin and to my nose.

Now he’s creeping down again, on my tummy once again.

Down my leg and past my knee, to my toes-that little flea…Gotcha! (when babies are older they might like a gentle “gotcha” tickle on the foot)

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  1. Avalon Fernandes on August 21, 2019 at 2:37 am

    Thank you for these beautiful songs❣💫

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