Autumn Activities

The rhythm of the seasons offers us so many opportunities to connect with nature. Children are already so wonderful at noticing the smallest changes from a snail creeping along a rock to a squirmy worm in the garden.

When we can create opportunity for our little ones to join in the "work", we are all connecting in a deeper way to our family culture and the rhythm of mother nature.

What are some of the ways your family works together in September? Please share in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

Busy Children at work!



These little hands are anxious to help. Raking leaves is great for balance, core strength and who doesn't love a pile to jump into?! My favorite source for good quality child sized rakes is For Small Hands.


Harvesting, bundling and drying herbs is a lovely way to share an autumn day with young children. We dry ours in our camper van which helps dry them without worrying about moisture but also leave a wonderful fragrance in the van. After they are completely dry, we store them in glass jars and make custom labels.


Who can resist apple pie, apple crisp, apple crumble, apple sauce...IMG_1887not me!

This gadget, called an apple peeler corer slicer, is both efficient and child friendly (there is one very sharp spot for parents to be aware). It has a wooden handle that is turned (my son was 15 months old in this photo) and the apple is peeled, cored and spiral sliced in a jiffy. We like to load up our crock pot before bed, turn it on low and wake up to fresh warm applesauce to have with oatmeal.

The long skins (or snakes, as my son calls them) are a fun snack and have also been used as jump ropes, hair ties and horsey reigns by Kindergarteners.




Last year, we pressed apples and made cider from our apple tree. This year, we will do it again with some friends. Often times, local hardware or farm supply stores have an apple press that you can rent. It's a great family activity, be aware that it takes lots of apples to make a gallon of juice. There is nothing like the delight of the first juice dripping out for a child, all that hard work pays off!


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