Self Love & The Moon

Self-love and self-care overlap in many ways, and are easy to appreciate, in theory. We can take better care of others if we are in good condition, ourselves, for one thing! But how do we accomplish this, exactly, in the midst of our busy days? Do you feel challenged in this area?

Fortunately, fitting self-care into our lives can include things that are more of an “attitude shift” than Rita Loydanything else – they don’t need to take a lot of time.

  • One simple way to include yourself in your day is to be as fascinated with yourself as you would be with someone else that you dearly love. Notice the things that make you unique. Praise and admire the small moments and passages of your life, just as you would with your child! Say it out loud if you want!

This can be a huge shift for many of us, as we become attuned to just how critical we can be toward ourselves, in general. It can be an undercurrent of thought that we hardly notice. But when we gradually become more aware of those thoughts as they happen,  then we’re able to replace them with something more supportive. How we think of ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, and what we expect of ourselves can all become more loving as we become more conscious of them!

  • Another way to appreciate yourself in the midst of a busy life is to “moonbathe” under the full moon for 5-10 minutes! A few deep breaths under the moon can be like a visit with an old friend. Let the moonlight wash deeply over and through you.

moonlight-stock-by-richard-thrippThey say that the moon is a woman’s friend…her cycles and her soft light nourish us and bring us back to a connection with nature’s rhythms, as well as our own. She can be your ally in remembering the beautiful rhythm that all of nature follows, and the life-giving wisdom that your female body carries:

The full moon always rises near sunset, so go out and find it at around that time, or later, in the eastern sky. Gaze at it and imagine that the silvery light is reaching your skin and affecting you, just as sunlight does. Imagine the soft moonlight caressing your skin in a cool, soothing way, and inviting your body and mind to remember a pleasant, fulfilling, feminine way of doing things, that takes your own needs into account.

  •  Imagine, too, that the moon has a connection to the special female beauty of your body, and breathe the moonlight deeply into your interior space. Expand your breath and feel it reaching from your lungs all the way to your womb. Imagine the soft light reaching your womb and glowing there with a soothing presence, appreciating it and help it to heal from any stress or trauma.
  •  Breathe the moonlight into your heart and breasts as well, as if it is a soothing balm. As your lungs expand imagine the silver, loving light flowing from your lungs to include your heart and breasts, and praising them for the life-giving beauty that they share, just by their very being.

Rita Loyd 2This pause will help you give some appreciation to the uniquely female aspects of your body, which is such a miracle of creative potential and expression!

I wish you well as you include brief pauses such as these into your intentions for self-care and self-love!




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