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Hello Postpartum Mamas!


You are working so hard at being a mom, and you are probably wondering how you will take care of your body, yet it may be last on your list of to-dos. Our job is naturally physical. Feeling good in our body is possible. Give it time.


Naturally we wonder about our core most. It's gone through the most obvious changes. Your core is more than your core muscles. In fact whenever I say core, I think of your core system which includes your breathe and pelvic floor. That's why breathing, and pelvic floor release are key to a fully-functioning core!



1. Breathe 24/7: On Inhalation, your low ribs should open up sideways, like an umbrella. Breathe in long enough to feel the pelvic floor release. Practice often, if you don't have feeling in the PF (pelvic floor), until you do. The exhalation lifts the PF up a tiny bit, and brings the ribs closer together.


2. Posture 24/7: Be like a regal queen as often as possible. You had a baby, you are the queen bee. Even tho you want to collapse, if you are sitting or standing lift up as tall as you can. Keep head over shoulders and hips.


3. Walking Everyday: If you get a walk in EVERY day, you will be sure to avoid a lot of common problems. Walking while using the breathing technique above, along with a lifted posture will support better body function. A little extra effort now, when you are exhausted - will help you in the future.


4. Release Everyday: You can massage your butt muscles with a tennis ball against the wall to help release your PF. There are a million ways to release your PF. Mentally relaxing, and making sure to get a good breathe into PF, is a must. The key is, don't let things get too tight.


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Jeanie Wright

Jeanie Wright is a Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Pilates, and Yoga teacher. She is one of our regular guests at our Community Supported Postpartum Gatherings. She believes that you can be 4 months postpartum or 5 years postpartum, your core deserves special care!


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