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Mindful Mama Circle by Dahlia Mama

  • Gather together and SHARE your experiences in your role as a mama. Tell fellow mamas about your struggles, yet also take note of your strengths. Each Mindful Mamas Circle we begin by settling in and making a cup of coffee or tea.  We take a few deep, grounding breaths to arrive in the space together, as one community.
  • Intended for a small group. Please register via the link (DahliaMama.com) prior to the event to ensure you have a spot and the circle remains small.

Postpartum Offerings

  • Heart to Heart: Emotional Support
  • Nourish: Heal & Fuel Your Body
  • Off to a Good Start: Feeding & Caring for Baby
  • Lighten the Load: The Small Things
  • Give Love: Big Sister/Brother Care
  • Take A Breather: Alone Time
Rebecca Raas

Rebecca Raas

Hi there!  I'm Rebecca, mama to a sweet boy and rambunctious toddler, and loving partner to my college sweetheart.  My family and I moved to Placerville 3 years ago from the Bay Area and we are in love with the warmth and community found here in the Sierra Foothills.

When I work with mamas, babies, and families I'm known as Rebecca Raas, Certified Postpartum Doula, M.A., or in other words I am certified to provide care and support to you and your family during your baby's first year of life (you can read more about my training and Master's Degree on the next page). As a doula who specializes in the postpartum period, I support growing families during the highly sensitive few weeks after the birth of their sweet baby, during the continued rest and recovery period several months postpartum, and throughout the first year of transition into parenthood. With a community of support, families can blossom in this new stage of life.

My intention is to bring healing and love to my community through attention, presence, and warmth with new and evolving families. Postpartum help is here in your local area!

Rebecca completed our Community Supported Postpartum course in 2018.

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