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Join our thriving community of mothers who are creating family culture through connection in everyday home life. Learn how to get clear on who you want to be as a parent and how you want to spend your time in simple meaningful ways.

All mothers are artists, and life itself is her canvas. This course will support you to be clear with HOW you want to feel and WHAT are the activities, traditions and simple daily things that enliven those feelings.

By connecting to the rhythms in nature that exist all around you, and creating time to connect with your own intentions, you can embody the qualities you wish to cultivate in your mothering. Our warm and respectful community of mothers and collective of wise women contributors are here to inspire, listen and share.

Only $30 per month. Start anytime and pace yourself throughout each month. 

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Rooted, illuminated, centered

Life can get busy with activities, social engagements and life in general. It can feel as though the tail is wagging the dog and you are running around just to keep up. This course will give you simple tools to create the family life culture that aligns with your values and dreams. 

Mothers hold so much of family life, we truly are the heart of the home and it's important to tend to our hearts so we may parent with abundance. What I really need is to feel rooted, to feel illuminated, centered and bright for my family; to feel full and focused on HOW I want to live.

Weaving years of experience as a Waldorf and LifeWays educator, leading women's circles, the gems of everyday mothering and the magic of mother nature's gifts, this course is a tapestry of thoughtful and practical resources.

Join any day of the year from the comfort of your own home, new content is released each month. 


“A gentle, beautiful course for parents who want to connect and deepen their intentional parenting.  The course is centered around taking a whole year to connect and deepen your mothering practice. It’s interactive, and has activities, recipes, songs, and printables. It’s also all TOGETHER – I don’t have to go hunting on 20 different blogs”!


“An enriching experience with plenty of opportunities to cultivate loving connection, joy and fun into home life in simple doable ways. The art is beautiful, and I loved the printables to keep me grounded in my intentions“.


“This course provides an elegantly simple approach to fleshing out a family seasonal rhythm that is entirely doable. This course is different because it focuses on the spirit/essence of the season and provides a supportive and accessible (and aesthetically pleasing) framework in which to brainstorm what this means to your own family on a monthly basis”.


“This course supported me to set an intention and hold space for creating a vision for your family each month. Through the readings and self-care practices, i can offer more joy to my family”.


This course is for parents and caregivers of young children who are struggling with the stress and demands of daily life and are looking for a solution to enable the beauty and magic of the natural world and the simple pleasures of a gentle, seasonally-inspired home rhythm to provide comfort and warmth that their families can carry with them into the world.

A fun and accessible curriculum broken down month by month that includes seasonal recipes, activities, finger plays and verses, and exercises in reflection for busy parents/caregivers who wish to deepen their family’s connection with the natural world and create a home/space that is a safe and warm place to land in this otherwise hectic world”.


"The monthly musing worksheet is great! I will definitely use it and hang it up at my desk. I like that it’s a quick-view snapshot of my ideas and intentions for the month. This course supports me to pause, to get clear on my intentions, values, and plans and offers a way to write it down and keep it at hand".


Yes, please.

I'm ready to receive inspiration each month and join the community!

You Will Receive

  • Access to the online course anytime you wish through your unique link and login
  • Each month you will fill out a lovely printable worksheet to clarify and commit to your intentions
  • Bi-monthly emails will gently remind you to stay on track
  • Journal/conversation prompts to deepen your connection to your center and your family
  • Songs, games, stories, rhymes and a few simple crafts will help you weave in the magic of the season
  • Seasonal recipes to nourish your family
  • Monthly video which dives deeper into each month's theme, continuing conversations from our forum, sharing resources and witnessing each others intentions. I'll also model any songs or games for the month to share with your family.
  • Extra journal pages and tips on how to write through the lens of parenting at your own pace.
  • Healthy practices which support connection to yourself and your family.
  • Self-Care practices and mini retreats at both the autumn and spring equinox.
  • Inspiring reading and resources from our collective of wise women contributors, from herbalists to educators to Konmari for moms.
  • A New Year family reflection activity worksheet, family support guides, monthly, weekly and daily planner templates.
  • Valuable videos, audio clips and photos.
  • Best of all, a lively community of over 100 parents just like you to share the journey through a year of intention.
  • Start any time, any day from the comfort of your own home.
  • $30 per month for an amazing shift for you and your family, start today!