Community Supported Postpartum Facilitator Course

Create a community gathering which connects parents to each other, and to supportive local resources for the postpartum year. Our one week online course and handbook will show you how. This course is only offered a few times a year, our next class begins January 30th 2021.

Free mini-course

Community Supported Postpartum guides communities in wrapping new parents in care, support and acknowledgement… that families can flourish in these precious postpartum days and months and connect with the gifts of your community.

But our current culture, however, often ignores or abandons mothers & parents of newborns at the moment you need community most.

Our groups change that by helping newborn families access and develop a web of supportive postpartum professionals, as well as build a community of peers.

The Community Supported Postpartum model supports you to create and sustain a flourishing community for new parents AND a flourishing community of postpartum caregivers. We need to change our perspective and re-write the story of the postpartum experience. Our mini-course will give you a sampling of what to expect in the facilitator training. Here is what you'll receive in our free 5-day mini-course...

Day 1: Building a community of mutuality for postpartum caregivers

  • Caregiving is the foundation of community health; culturally, economically, personally-this is true for parents and those who care for parents in the postpartum continuum.
  • Our classes are building an ecosystem of resources so that new parents AND those who care for them can flourish.

Day 2:Building a community of peers for new parents and babies

  • Re-Villaging. It simply is not normal for one person to care for a newborn baby, a body that has just given birth, the needs of a home, other family members and the demands of a job outside the home.
  • We can't do it all, and we shouldn't. Parents need support to build a community of peers

Day 3:Protecting the postpartum season as a time unto itself

  • Time is our most valuable non-renewable resource, invest it what is most meaningful...time.
  • Time to recover, to rest, to bond as a family and to acknowledge the rite of passage that new parents undergo.
  • Learn how to be a choice illuminator in your community and reclaim the postpartum year as a time unto itself.

Day 4:Nurturing connection and trust with babies to grow a kinder world

  • When parents are experiencing a feeling of being nurtured, they can offer a nurturing experience to their baby.
  • Learn how games, songs and rituals through the day builds trust, connection and belonging.
  • The most mundane parts of parenting are exactly where the most profound aspects of being human exist.

Day 5:Weaving it all together together to be a changemaker in your community. 


  • Each day you will receive real tangible tips, printables and resources to build community support new parents and those who care for new parents in your community right away.
  • Live video Q & A with Kerry each day of the course at 10am Pacific Standard Time.
  • Discount coupon to join the full facilitator course next week January 15th to make this happen in your own community.
  • Tips to pivot your group to a park or online during Covid impact.

Together we can rally to make sure that you and other newborn parents like you have everything they need to thrive -- including a flourishing community of care.

Healthy Home Rhythms

Create balance, ease and presence by mapping out your week. This self-paced course has supported hundreds of parents to create a healthy home rhythm, join anytime and work at your own pace.

What Moms are Saying

baby kiss

"Nurturing mothers and babies"

"While most mama/baby programs focus on the infant and young child, The Community Supported Postpartum Course beautifully weaves the needs of the mother as well as the baby in a unique program that allows women to nurture the mama and nourish each other as a sisterhood”.  ~Jenyng Wu


"I can be present"

"The Healthy Home Rhythms course changed our life to welcome ease and connection back into our day. The printable rhythm wheels are helping hold space for those anchor points in the day. I feel like I can more mindfully attend to the present moment".~Trisha


"A Sacred Space"

"As a new momma it was sacred to be cared for by so many wonderful women and friends in my community. Each week being offered a rich gift of nourishment for my soul, support on this journey of motherhood, and a wonderful space for Atira to be with other sweet and enchanting children who warmed my heart". ~Jayantii