The moyellow_flowersnth is October, the air is getting cold. The leaves are all changing to red and to gold. The month is October and pumpkins I’ve seen, they’re out trick-or-treating for now it’s Halloween.

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October’s monthly muse includes:

  • fun activities to do together with your family
  • crafts and handwork
  • recipes
  • a few thoughts about rhythm
  • self-care invitations for parents


humbert wolfe


Fun Activities:

  • make a colorful leaf mandala
  • create a leaf and acorn garland
  • make mini pumpkin votive holders
  • gather leaves and make leaf rubbings with block crayons
  • apples… picking, saucing, crisping, crumbling, pie-ing
  • apple star stamps on mini paper bags
  • sip some mulled cider
  • pop a cinnamon stick in a simmer pot
  • save seeds
  • pick rose hips
  • make corn husk dollies
  • grind grains and bake bread
  • dry herbs
  • whistle with an acorn cap
  • make a corn broom
  • carve a pumpkin – BOO!
  • make a felted pumpkin 


Crafty inspiration

a felt squirrel   by Nuno-Runo







a cozy candle sweater   by Family Chic

                                    candle sweater





an autumn nature garland   by A Girl’s Right to Dream

leaf garland






These are some of our favorite recipes for October, each adds an element of warmth and comfort. The pumpkin pie baked oatmeal makes enough to feed your family for days, and is a staple in colder mornings. What are some of your favorite autumn recipes? Please share in the comment section below.



Pumpkin pie baked oatmeal

Apple carrot muffins   

Gluten free apple crackle   

Mulled crock pot cider 



I love these illustrations by Susan Branch!


susan branch



I’ve seen a few posts from friends on Facebook who have already had their first snowfall in Alaska. Though we just celebrated the autumn equinox a few weeks ago, the thought of winter and the holidays are beginning to whisper. I tend to feel inspired to purge, organize and simplify even now to set up a feeling of slowing down and peace in our family for the colder months. Reflecting on how we spend time each day and week helps me see where I can create intentionality, bringing focus to the things that fill the heart of our family.

One simple way we care for our home space and still have time for fun is having only one task each day that is dedicated to tidying our home. For example, Monday is cooking day where we stock our fridge with nourishing foods we eat all week (have you heard of the Instant Pot?). Wednesday we clean the bathrooms, Friday we tidy the bedrooms and change the bedding, and so on. Creating time to focus on just one task each day not only keeps your house tidy, but also results in a true sense of presence.

Do need support creating a simple home rhythm? Our Healthy Home Rhythms E-Course guides you every step of the way to create a rhythm that will balance fun and work, and shift multitasking to presence. This self-paced online course has helped hundreds of parents to build the foundations of a healthy home rhythm.



 Self Care Invitations for Parents: 

  • host a “come as you were” costume party asking your guests to dress as they believe they were in a past life
  • clean out your pantry and donate to a local food bank
  • eat by candle light
  • add a pinch of cardamom to your coffee or tea
  • find a book of poetry and read one poem a day
  • create community by reaching out, making requests and being real. This is especially important in the postpartum year when parents can feel isolated.
  • unplug by 7 pm
  • enjoy this gorgeous autumn song written by Ayla Nereo and joined by Ma-Muse in this performance CLICK HERE

george cooper poem


  1. Gina on October 6, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    Just lovely. Job well done.

    • Kerry Ingram on October 6, 2016 at 1:14 pm

      Thank you, Gina.

  2. Jessi on October 6, 2016 at 12:58 pm

    Oh my! I love all of this!!! So well written and the artwork is amazing. Thank you for sharing your gifts of wisdom and creativity with the public. Blessings to you and yours.


    • Kerry Ingram on October 6, 2016 at 1:14 pm

      Jessi, thanks so much for writing and your kind feedback 🙂
      warmly, Kerry

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