Mothering Artist~Amy Jo


How do you practice your art of mothering?


Weekly and daily rhythm has been my saving Grace. Three years into Mothering and it finally feels like it's coming together. I feel as long as I am striving, then I'm doing ok.

Self reflection and self care is also a huge piece for me. My daughter is definitely a reflection of what I’m modeling and I work on being worthy of imitation. I take lots of deep breaths, and carve out a little alone time each week so I can have more patience and be more present when we’re together.

What are the simple things in life that fill your heart?


Hikes with and without my daughter! I love being on the trail. It's a place for me to simmer ideas and work things out in my head. Hiking with my daughter offers a different kind of experience. Watching her explore in the peace and quiet of nature fills me with so much joy. I cherish every second of it and make sure I block off one day each week to do this with her and alone.


What is one thing you think your child loves about you?


My voice. I love to sing and she loves when we sing songs at night.


What was one thing you gained out of your experience with Mothering Arts?


Oh SO much! By completing the group leader training, I reflected on parts of my postpartum period that I hadn't before. I came to realize that there had been some major things missing for me, mainly because I didn't know how not to be in charge. I feel like I'm better prepared to be in a place of receiving if I were to give birth again. Offering the circles feels like such a gift. What these circles offer is something unique. It's a place to empower mothers and validate all of the struggles that come with this transformation into Motherhood! I'm so passionate about this, especially in our modern society. It fosters the idea of building your village. We need this so much right now.


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Mothering Arts seeks to uplift and inspire parents to celebrate their unique art of mothering. When we can share and witness our one of a kind gifts, true community and connection blossoms. Through our daily lives, we express a shared experience, the dynamic experience of mothering. Each mother is an artist and life itself is her canvas. If you are interested in sharing your unique art of mothering, please send us a note through our contact page

Amy shares, "After the birth of my daughter, Sylvianne, in January of 2015 I began attending RIE classes and Waldorf Parent/Child regularly. Last year, I began supporting women on their journey into motherhood by leading Mother's Circles in Rockridge and will begin hosting them in January at Song Sparrow Playgarden." 

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