Mothering Artist ~Linda Basso

Linda Basso

How do you practice your art of mothering?

Attunement is my one word answer. I find that kids have such a clear guidance system for those around them, they tell you in action, sound and sometime mind-melds just what they need next. But I have to be clear of my own thoughts and judgements to catch it, and very present. If I drift away in stress or fear then so too does my ability to attune to them. Attuning to them through different stages has given me insights and connection I don't think I could have found any other way!

What are the simple things in life that fill your heart?

The amazing beauty of nature. Walking by water. Good food. Yummy cheeses. A small hand holding mine is a treasure.

What is one thing you think your child loves about you?

How I hold space for her to be her. I know her human design and treat her just as she was designed to be! She would just describe it as "i love-love-love you mama."

What was one thing you gained out of your experience with Mothering Arts?

I still have dear connections from my time in Mothering Arts. It helped me feel a part of the community here as we were new to the area. We loved the games and songs, so sweet!

mama and toddler at the lake

Mothering Arts seeks to uplift and inspire parents to celebrate their unique art of mothering. When we can share and witness our one-of-a-kind gifts, true community and connection blossoms. Through our daily lives, we express a shared experience, the dynamic experience of mothering. Each mother is an artist and life itself is her canvas. If you are interested in sharing your unique art of mothering, please send us a note through our contact page

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