Mothering Artist Kendra

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How do you practice your art of mothering?

For me, mothering is constant growth. Everyday I am working on myself, my past wounds, my instinctive reactions, and my compassion for my daughter, myself, and my husband. I try to find the joy and magic in the small everyday moments with my family. I remind myself to respect the immense life changes my daughter is experiencing even when they initially seem small to me. I say "I love you" A LOT, and am intentionally modeling gratitude every day. Mostly, I strive for patience, calm, and predictability even though some days it is the hardest thing I can possibly do.


What are the simple things in life that fill your heart?  

Traditions and rituals passed down or created with my child. Seeing the best of myself and my husband come out in our daughter and noticing the pieces that are all her own unique self. I find the purest joy in simple things like laying in the grass with my eyes closed and the sun on my face. Remembering to stop and notice how far I've come and the wonderful life my husband and I have built fills me to bursting sometimes.


What is one thing you think your child loves about you?

I like to think my daughter notices and loves the fact that I treat her as a whole person who deserves as much respect as anyone else. I'm sure she loves my silliness as well. Singing and dancing together is pure joy.

Mothering Arts seeks to uplift and inspire parents to celebrate their unique art of mothering. When we can share and witness our one of a kind gifts, true community and connection blossoms. Through our daily lives, we express a shared experience, the dynamic experience of mothering. Each mother is an artist and life itself is her canvas. If you are interested in sharing your unique art of mothering, please send us a note through our contact page.



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