Mothering Artist Belle

How do you practice your art of mothering?

I practice with as much intentionality as any artist would. For me, my children are actually not my masterpiece. They are the creators of their own beautiful lives. As an artist and as their mama, I see my job as being one of leadership. They do what I do so when I perform actions and treat myself and others with respect they do also. This truly is an art!

What are the simple things in life that fill your heart?

My heart is filled by my son’s tinkling laughter as his big sister makes funny faces at him in the mirror as they brush their teeth. My heart is filled by the out pouring of love from my community when I experience a personal tragedy. And my heart is filled when I remind myself of the awesome job I have been gifted: that of mother to two of the most magnificent beings I have ever known.

What is one thing you think your child loves about you?

My child loves (even though she would never tell you that she does!) that I am willing to wade into the messiness of her emotions with her and that all feelings are welcome in our home and family.

What was one thing you gained out of your experience with Mothering Arts?
Mothering Arts taught me to slow waaaaaay down. This was a huge gain for me because prior to my work with Mothering Arts I had a false belief that I needed techniques to hurry my children up. Through Kerry’s work I have discovered that it is in moving slowly, at my child’s pace, that the joy can be experienced. They are only little for a short amount of time and I don’t want to rush them just to get to the next thing. Much better to be with them here and now!

Mothering Arts seeks to uplift and inspire parents to celebrate their unique art of mothering. When we can share and witness our one of a kind gifts, true community and connection blossoms. Through our daily lives, we express a shared experience, the dynamic experience of mothering. Click here to learn about becoming a group leader.

Each mother is an artist and life itself is her canvas. If you are interested in sharing your unique art of mothering, please send us a note through our contact page.

Isabelle is the mother of two beautiful, divine children who rock my world and still have the ability to take my breath away. I am perceptive, intuitive and mother with my whole heart. I have taught yoga to mothers and children for the past 10 years . Some days I can be found dancing with my family. Other days you will find me simply staring at them in awe. Grace is 5 years old and Ben is 1 year old.  I started Mom-ME Circle out of my own need for community. I wasn’t even quite sure what I wanted it to be, but I knew I needed some sort of support system.

Isabelle is one of our group leaders hosting two circles, you can learn more about her and her offerings here.


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