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  • Connect with your mother...Mother Earth~ideas for nature nurturing
  • Connect with a community of mothers~our Heart of the Home Online Community is opening enrollment and we are having a big sale!
  • Connect with your child ~create a pocket puppet story and download our free PDF with sweet ways to cultivate joyful presence
  • Connect with what nourishes you~recipes, a free collection of meal blessings, a printable calendar, self-care tips and a few favorite goodies

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On May 14th, we celebrate Mother's Day. As restaurants fill for brunch and flower shops have their busiest day of the year, what do mothers really want? Most of us want some form of TLC, nurturing, extra love, peace and even quiet....mothers need to be mothered! Well, I have some good news...we can receive nurturing any time we wish from the mother who keeps us all alive; Mother Earth. She delivers all we could ever ask for, nourishment, beauty, peace, medicine, wonder, magic and dare I say LOVE. Her lap awaits a weary head and our tears. She reminds us that though we may feel captive sometimes, we are still wild (because parenting is really wild) and we can return to that wildness by simply going outside. We can find center by being present and opening to the wonder around. Do you have a sit spot?

A sit spot is a special place that you create relationship with by being there as often as yousit spot mama can with your wee one or alone. It can be anywhere from a hidden waterfall in the mountains to beneath a tree in an urban park to your own backyard. A place where a reciprocal exchange takes place, from mother to Mother Earth. A place to rejuvenate after feeling depleted, a place to behold the beauty and peace of cloud watching, the scent of honeysuckle or the song of a meadowlark. Think about a place that is close to home, or somewhere you can visit daily. Create a sacred space by tending to the plants around your sit spot. Perhaps bring a few special objects found in nature like a shell, a seed pod, a stone or crystal and decorate your sit spot. Have a bag with water and snacks near the door ready to go with you to your sit spot to make it easy. Observe as your sit spot changes with the seasons and of course, offer thanks to Mama Earth for giving all that we need.

Mother earth nurturing a mother nurturing her son. Anny To photography.

Connecting with our community

One of the most challenging parts of motherhood for me have been the times when I feel lost. When my desires and essence is lost in the day to day flow of family life, when I feel like I'm just along for the ride. Some days I feel depleted, frazzled and guilty of not being the mom I think I should be. Some days, everything just clicks and a true feeling of delight permeates our family. I'm devoted to connection; with myself, with my family, with my community and with my environment....and it takes work to stay connected.

Our Heart of the Home community is ready to welcome you. Each month we offer a different theme to inspire your parenting and your home life. This self-paced course will support you to live with intention, create your family's culture in simple heart-centered ways and offer oodles of tools to get clear on how you want to feel each day.

We are having a once a year sale in honor of Mother's Day. 50% off your first month of the Heart of the Home! Use coupon code mothersday to receive your first month for only $10, coupon expires at midnight on Mother's Day 5/13. Give yourself or a loved the gift of support on the path of parenthood.


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Connecting with your child~create a simple pocket puppet.

Ah, the magic of wee puppets. These little companions are my helpers who whimsically deliver messages and stories with ease. Why? Because they speak the language of childhood; imagination. A funny fact about me is that i mostly likely have a little friend in my pocket any day of the week. Nibbler mouse, busy bee, a wiggly worm or cottontail the bunny have accompanied me on countless adventures as a teacher, a mother and all around lover of children.

Click here to read more about the magic of a pocket puppet and a few ideas on how to create one for your own pocket.

Staying connected with your little one through the day is a practice. It requires one to be present, observant and creative. When we can devote extra warmth and attention to a few key moments through the day transitions are met with more ease. Children can feel a security knowing what will happen next and that you are present.

For a few years I have been using a catchy phrase in my parent education classes, Connect before you Expect. It's a little reminder to take a moment to connect with your child (and yourself) throughout the day and especially for transitions. When we have an expectation like going from outside to inside or stepping away to make a cup of tea or getting into the car, pause and connect first.

I created a handy dandy PDF to print which offers simple ways for you and your child to deepen connection and move through the day with joy.

Click here to receive your free download/printable  Enjoy!

Connect with what nourishes you.

A few of my favorite things in this moment:

  • Food Love by Tess Challis. This Vegan cookbook is awesome, nourishing and has a lovely witty commentary from the author. A few favorite recipes are the Ridiculous Cauliflower (ridiculously good) and the No-Will-Power cookies (the name says it all). The book helps families prepare nutritious tasty and fun meals that children love as much as adults. She also offers meal plans on her website that are very well organized and a crazy good deal.  Tess's daughter Alethea was in my Kindergarten class in Colorado, she is now a teenager who helps her mom with recipe creations and of course, taste testing.
  • Click Here for a free recipe from Tess for coconut caramel corn.

  • My favorite book, Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. If you have talked to me in the last few months, I have probably gushed over this book to you. This book is mama medicine, poetic and woven with mother earth's magic. I have bought it for 8 friends/family members already and if you are having a birthday, you can expect this book to be your gift. Soul salve...therapeutic grade.


  • Escentcia Bliss Spray really is bliss in a bottle. I keep it in my purse and spritz myself through the day for rejuvenation. Ahh.
  • Our own free printable monthly calendar. This PDF has a spot for special days, home-care and meal planning . Click here to receive your calendar.



I want to acknowledge each of you for your heart, your amazing capacity to give and give more, your resilience when things fall apart and for helping your children walk their earthly paths.

Happy Mother's Day.

And thank you to the Hippie Mamas Group for sharing your family photographs with me and the magic you weave here in NorCal.

*I am mom painting by Reena Burton

*Cover photo of mama Aly by lindsey tatum photography


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