March: Self-Care

Another gem to keep in your treasure box by our dear friend and author, Jessica Malone Latham.

This Month's Journal/Conversation Prompts:

What is coming to light in your parenting that you weren't able to see through winter's darkness?

What seeds of intention are you planting?

What part of you needs clearing to allow for new growth?

What does that clearing look like?

With your children, in what ways can you thank the earth?

Self-Care Invitations

  • Find a lovely glass pitcher and fill it with water, add a handful or combination of: borage, cleavers, lemon balm, lemon verbena, chamomile or meyer lemon slices, keep the pitcher on your counter top to encourage more hydration. It will look so inviting, you will drink more water and receive the benefits of these delightful plant allies.
  • Get your hands in the dirt. Clear out dead leaves, make space for new growth in the garden. Gather ideas and seeds and friends to work in the garden together.
  • Host a potluck. Our country needs more togetherness, more shared meals, more conversations face to face. Don't clean, cook simply and relax into real community.
  • Get outside under the full moon this month, you have two chances in March. From, March's Full Moon is commonly known as the Worm Moon because it's the time of the year when warmer temperatures thaw the ground and earth worms reemerge bringing migrating birds back to feed on them. ON the 31st is the sap moon, which is a blue moon (meaning 2 full moons in one month). The sap moon meant it was time for the sugar maples to be tapped.
  • Hang up some bird feeders and create some relaxing time to see who comes to visit.
  • Find a poem to read when you wake up.
  • Join our online community of moms in the The Mothering Arts Collective. You will receive plenty of valuable inspiration and resources to connect with HOW you want to feel and how to cultivate that feeling simply in every day life. Our theme this month is clarity and our friend Christine O'Brien has a Konmari for moms checklist to guide you through making space for the things that bring you joy.

I would love to hear from your in our comments area.

Sending you all spring time blessings,




  1. Viv on April 15, 2017 at 3:51 am

    I love the first invitation to self-care. I’ve been getting headaches from forgetting to drink water throughout the day – having pretty water on the kitchen counter has really helped 🙂 Thank you for the lovely post.

    • Kerry Ingram on April 18, 2017 at 2:11 pm

      HI Viv, thanks for your comment 🙂 Keeping a pitcher of herb infused water is a necessity for me. I get dehydrated so easily and the pitcher gives me an “at-a-glance” picture of how much, or how little, water I have had in the day. Adding flowers and herbs not only gives it extra yummy and medicinal qualities, but it’s also very inviting.

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