May: Magic of a Sit Spot




Anny To photography

Anny To photography

This month we celebrate Mother's Day as restaurants fill for brunch and flower shops have their busiest day of the year, what do Mothers really want? Most of us want some form of TLC, nurturing, extra love, peace and even quiet....mothers need to be mothered too! Well, I have some good news...we can receive nurturing any time we wish from the mother who keeps us all alive; Mother Earth. She delivers all we could ever ask for, nourishment, beauty, peace, medicine, wonder, magic and dare I say LOVE. Her lap awaits a weary head, tired body as well as our tears.

She reminds us that though we may feel captive sometimes, we are still wild (because parenting is really wild) and we can return to that wildness by simply going outside. We can find center by being present and opening to the wonder around. 


Have you heard of a sit spot? A sit spot is a special place that you create relationship with by being there as often as yousit spot mama can with your wee one or alone. It can be anywhere from a hidden waterfall in the mountains to beneath a tree in an urban park or even your own backyard. A place where a reciprocal exchange takes place, from mother to Mother Earth. A place to rejuvenate after feeling depleted, a place to behold the beauty and peace of cloud watching, the scent of honeysuckle or the song of a meadowlark. Think about a place that is close to home, or somewhere you can visit daily. Create a sacred space by giving thanks and tending to the plants around your sit spot. Perhaps bring a few special objects found in nature like a shell, a seed pod, a stone or crystal to honor your sit spot. Have a bag with water and snacks near the door ready to go with you so you can leave the house with ease. Observe as your sit spot changes with the seasons and of course, offer thanks to Mama Earth, the elements and all creatures for giving all that we need.

This Mother's Day, I want to acknowledge parents for your heart, your amazing capacity to give and give more, your perseverance when things fall apart and for helping these beautiful children walk their earthly paths. Happy Mother's Day.

And thank you to the Hippie Mamas group for sharing your beautiful photographs and the whole-hearted magic you weave here in NorCal.


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