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Mothering Arts Graton/Sebastopol

Seasonal Sessions led by Kerry Ingram

I believe that as a community, we need to show up for you and wrap you in support and care.

Unfortunately, our culture puts mothers on a pedestal but abandons parents of newborns at the exact moment you most need our care and attention.

(I blame our mainstream preoccupation with individualism, productivity and busy-ness.)

But when you thrive, our children and communities thrive.

So let’s put you at the center of a web of support, right now.

In our weekly group you will experience or connect with local practitioners who offer traditional postpartum practices, physical postpartum healing, ways to bond with baby through your day and oodles of other topics focused on nourishing the postpartum season.

We pride our group on community building for and by new parents...without the dogma or judgement.

Our community supported postpartum group is a flexible support model designed for you to incorporate the gifts and wisdom of your community. Best of all, your community comes to YOU with your well-being at the heart of their offering.

This is Mothering Arts. 

Mothering Arts is a place to Connect with yourself, with your baby and with your community.

For 6 years our inter-generational gathering have been a place where we bring local resources to you, all with one thing in common: nurturing the postpartum journey.

This spring, our shorter 7 week series focuses on cultivating community, creativity and connection in your postpartum season.

What to expect:

  • You will learn songs and games to connect deeply using the language of childhood.
  • Learn simple nurturing practices to add to your day that will keep you grounded and nourished
  • Enjoy a nourishing snack and herbal tea. (a menu GF, DF and organic menu will be provided before we begin, please bring your own snack if you have additional restrictions).
  • Meet local wisdom keepers offering resources and practical tools focused on nourishing your postpartum journey.
  • Share the unseen work of mothering in a nurturing space of support, acknowledgement and friendship which blossoms long after our group ends

* If you are pregnant and interested in joining once your baby is in arms, you are welcome to visit.

Autumn Series Reciprocity: $300-$400 sliding scale 

(Why sliding scale? Those mamas who pay extra, offer a little more to those mamas who may need a scholarship to join. Thank you!)

Classes topics have included:

  • Baby Massage and the importance of nurturing touch for babies and parents.
  • Mother Warming and Vitality through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine and herbs.
  • Capturing moments of early motherhood with Haiku.
  • Herbal wisdom for baby care and mother rejuvenation.
  • Rehabilitating pelvic floor and core.
  • Staying connected with your partner as a new family.
  • Traditional postpartum practices which nurture a new mother.
  • Making requests as building community.
  • Creating a support plan to rest and slow down in the postpartum season.
  • Postpartum nourishment and baby's first foods.
  • Creating simple home rhythms and new family traditions for your family.
  • Show and tell...collaborative wisdom.
  • Autumn 2019 class topics shared with folks wishing to enroll.


This is an inclusive environment. We recognize and affirm that not every body that births is female and that not every post-partum parent has given birth. We welcome you in this tender season of life when you have a body that has recently birthed, when you’re a new parent, when you’re a postpartum mother, or when you’re an adoptive or foster parent of a newborn.


Our group strives to help you access and develop your web of support by educating communities to learn how to support new families and by helping parents to make requests to ask for and receive support.

I believe that communities grow parents and that parents grow communities.

Together we can rally to make sure that you and other newborn parents like you have everything you need to thrive -- including a flourishing community of care.

You can learn more about Kerry here and you can download free resources here.


Please email [email protected] to join our spring series or

join the list to be notified when enrollment open for fall 2019.

For Whom

Mothers with babies in their first year are warmly welcomed to join


Tuesdays, September 3rd-November 12th

Morning Group meets from 9:30-11am

Afternoon Group meets from 12:30-2pm


Kerry's cozy home 2658 S. Edison St. Graton, CA


[email protected] 


***Enrollment is now open for our Autumn series which meets 10 weeks on Tuesdays.

Our Winter 2020 group begins in January, email Kerry to join the list to be notified when enrollment opens.


Mamas and Mamas-to-be, I highly recommend this group! Kerry Ingram is a phenomenal facilitator, mother and friend. I feel so BLESSED to have discovered Mothering Arts last fall when Sienna was only six weeks old. We participated in this group for both the fall and winter seasons and it so enriched my early days of motherhood. I learned songs, games, and sweet daily rituals that supported Sienna's early life and our bond as mother and daughter. There were extraordinary guest speakers whose areas of expertise and perspective were relevant and so helpful. Finally, the opportunity to commune with other mothers in our community was such a gift. Hearing their stories, finding resonance and support was so important during Sienna's first six months. I am so grateful for Kerry's continued friendship and insight. If anyone wants to discuss this in greater detail, please ping me and I'd be happy to answer any questions! ~Lindsey Dyer & Sienna


Local mamas of new babies...this is one of the most nourishing environments as a postpartum mama....

This group tends to the new mama heart, makes space for all the messiness of mothering, while simultaneously honors her magic and deep well of strength. It also holds the importance of nourishing the new mother. When she thrives, her baby thrives, when a baby thrives, the world is made more potent and strong.

Give yourself the gift of nourishment, and meet some other rocking mamas while u do! ~Jayantii Jill Lawless



Kerry Ingram lives in Graton, California with her husband Michael and son Francis. She is a trained Waldorf teacher and LifeWays graduate with years of early childhood experience, including running an in-home LifeWays program, Little Red Farmhouse. Kerry is also a certified postpartum doula through Innate Traditions and the creator of the Community Suppported Postpartum facilitator course. She created Mothering Arts in 2012 with the vision to inspire local multi-generational gatherings in communities everywhere to nurture the nurturer and uplift the postpartum year. 

Read more about Kerry, her vision education and experience here.