Maternidad en Red

Our purpose is to make visible and recognize the work of the mothers. We seek to generate meeting spaces, where they can begin to weave support networks.


is a meeting for moms to talk and share what it means to immerse yourself in the wave of motherhood, surrender and let go. This space seeks to deepen about pregnancy, birth-postpartum and parenting through our experiences.

We believe it is important to generate spaces to recognize ourselves renewed, empowered and transformed. Recognize our strengths, see each other and identify and accept all the changes we go through at the corporal, emotional and spiritual levels. This is a space of support, dialogue and listening for mothers.





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    Quito, Ecuador
  • Place:  Corporación Centro de Desarrollo Integral (CDI),  Tumbaco.









Alegría Acosta was a participant in our facilitator training in February 2017, here is what she had to say about her experience:

It's been a powerful week of going back to my postpartum months and see, feel, reconnect with memories, with fears, with joy... To heal and 
transform. I`ve been going over pictures and pictures and finding appreciating how much I`ve learned, how much I have grow, all the joy that my daughter has brought to my life. I really appreciate this, this was not how I remembered my postpartum...

This week has been an awakening week of rediscovering myself as a mom, as a woman, as a partner, as a human on this Earth.  I've found here a beautiful community of mamas. It's been so inspiring to see my story in your stories, to see my fears in yours and my struggles in yours.

It doesn't matter where each of us is, we're all moms, and there´s a beautiful magnetism that unite us all together.

Thanks Kerry for holding the space for us to share, to ask, to be vulnerable. Thanks for creating this beautiful platform to connect with so much love, with so make details and thoughtful rhythms. 

Sending warmth from the high Andes, hope I can meet you in person someday. ~Alegría

Nuestro propósito es hacer el trabajo de las madres visible y reconocido. Buscamos generar espacios de encuentro,
dónde ellas puedan comenzar a tejer redes de apoyo.



Es un lugar dónde mamás pueden charlar y discutir lo que significa ser madre, sumergirse y dejarse llevar en la ola que
es la maternidad, comfortable en si mismo sin pena y con confianza.  Este espacio busca explorar profundamente
sobre el embarazo, el parto posparto, y la crianza de los hijos a través de nuestras experiencias.
 Creemos que es importante generar espacios para sentirnos renovados, empoderados, y transformados.
Queremos reconocer nuestras fortalezas, vernos e identificar y aceptar todos los cambios que atravesamos a nivel corporal,
emocional y espiritual como mamás. Este es un espacio de apoyo, diálogo y a donde escuchamos y son oidas las madres.