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The Whole Mama Project  is a grassroots and community supported initiative helping mothers to restore their wholeness. Becoming a mother cracks open a space for deep healing and renewal and requires mothers to be gentle with themselves, offer up forgiveness and sit in community with other women.

This project exists to provide extended postpartum support that goes beyond the first six weeks of physical recovery and beyond the typical mom group conversations whose primary focus is on parenting, leaving little room for a mother’s needs and re-alignment. Our society has learned to almost completely shift its attention away from the mother to the baby after the birth, resulting in mothers feeling isolated, lost and disconnected from themselves and their community. The Whole Mama Project’s purpose is to fill this void as a safe, non-judgmental and loving space for mothers to explore their own rebirth, healing and awakening.

Our work includes both in-person and virtual heart-to-heart connection for mothers. The Whole Mama Project achieves its mission through the provision of tools and support for building resilience, self-trust and confidence; unearthing limiting beliefs that are keeping mothers from stepping in to their wholeness, offering rituals for self-care and self-love, establishing practices for mothers to nourish and love their bodies and facilitating the discovery and alignment of purpose, values and gifts.

We are fueled by our membership, those mamas who pay extra, offer a little more to those mamas who may need a scholarship to join. The project is home to a virtual community, monthly coffee break gatherings at our founder's home, quarterly Whole Mama Circles and much more. Click here to become a member! (https://www.wholemamaproject.com/join-the-sisterhood )

The Whole Mama Project is a home grown, grassroots and community led initiative that exists to:
  • Provide healing from birth and those early weeks of new motherhood
  • Increase energy and connectedness to oneself
  • Provide tools and support for building resilience, self-trust and confidence
  • Reveal the expectations you hold for yourself and facilitate their release without guilt
  • Unearth the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from stepping in to your wholeness
  • Facilitate discovery and alignment of your values and gifts
  • Offer rituals for self-care and self-love
  • Establish practices for nourishing and loving your body
  • Foster a community of supportive women on a similar path
Mamas in our community are experiencing an increased sense of peace, confidence and connection. They are gaining important tools to help them slow down, come home to their bodies and increase their resilience for all the ups and downs of motherhood.
Rebuilding the Village for Every Mom
Both of my births left me craving for a longer period of postpartum support. Support that goes beyond the six weeks of physical recovery, beyond establishing successful breastfeeding with your infant and beyond the typical mom group conversations about sleepless nights, when to introduce solids and how to deal with temper tantrums. Don’t get me wrong, these are all incredibly important AND every mom should have support for their own parallel re-birthing and evolution. Even with the most loving partners and family members, motherhood can still feel isolating especially when you’ve lost that connection to yourself.

For centuries women have gathered in circles across the world to support each other by holding space for each others dreams, stories and real authentic connection. Almost every mother I’ve talked to has shared the challenge of trying to find deep and meaningful relationships with other mothers, also affectionately referred to as “mom-friends”. This inter-generational sisterhood is intentionally designed and facilitated to support a deeper exploration of self through a supportive community of mothers, carving out space for what we often put last on our list – self-care.

For just $5/month you’ll receive 
extended (like forever) postpartum support to restore wholeness in your life! This community serves as a sacred container for guiding and witnessing the personal growth, evolution and expansion of each mothers’ own unique expression of motherhood. Inside you will find facilitated meditations, guided visualizations and activities to uncover your true desires and guide you to greater alignment. We’d love to welcome you to this magical sisterhood of support and abundance.
Kori Stephens

About Kori Stephens

I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, human rights advocate, dreamer, planner and inspired by all forms of human expression. I believe in creating deep connections in life to others, to community and to one self by unpacking all the stuff that gets in the way of feeling whole and showing up as your true self.

I belong to two amazing little boys who are growing up to quickly and who have the most wild, adventurous and creative souls. I love seeing the world through their eyes and how they have truly become my most loved and profound teachers in my life.

I am dedicated to supporting, guiding and empowering women by honoring the deep wisdom that we each have within us. This commitment has shown up through my work as a birth and postpartum doula, a nonprofit leader working to build the capacity and resilience of child serving organizations and as an advocate for systems change to create a safer, freer and more equitable world.

Professional Credentials – Master in Public Health (MPH) – Maternal & Child Health, DONA Birth Doula Training, Dragontree Life Coach, Dragontree Illuminator, Associate Certified Coach (ICF), Mothering Arts Community Supported Post Partum Facilitator