"Discovering together the ancient art of mothering"


lillith-logoWeaving together our original blessedness of connection and community we invite you to join our 8-week circle series for all mothers-to-be and mothers who are in their first year post-partum.

Each week our circle will meet to gather wisdom from our group grandmother, our local wise women, and build ourselves this lovely cocoon of friendship and knowledge that our ancestors once previously shared.

Tap into a supportive, nourishing and empowering sisterhood an 8 week group that you need to empower yourself as a woman; to deepen your inner wisdom – and get to know which parts of you need more recognition and understanding. Mater Luna offers a brilliantly simple yet completely different way to explore the first post-partum year. Our group is rooted in the ancient tradition of women’s circles, where we gather to see, hear and support each other.

In our Mater Luna Circle we focus on one of the most sacred things in all the world: Motherhood. We take a nurturing, loving and mindful approach to this celebration.  Our focus is placed on the Mother and also her sweet little ones in gentle, loving intention.

This is a time for us to come together and share knowledge, wisdom, experience and compassion.  Postpartum Mothers will have the opportunity to take this all into heart, mind and spirit, helping them cultivate their own beautiful, gentle power.  It can be overpowering to be a new Mother, especially if you have few or no people to support you.  Mater Luna is here to bring new and upcoming Mother’s together in a circle of friendship and love.  Each gathering will have a grandmother and a local wise woman who will share their wisdom with us.  The gatherings will end with time to socialize, connect on a personal level and enjoy nourishing, warming food and drink.

Come and join us in a place where you are accepted just as you are, with ongoing support through our Mater Luna Circle. A place where you can be your authentic self without judgment.

Our group gives you an opportunity to open your heart, be heard and seen, to connect and be inspired!

Some of the topics we may cover over our 8 week class will include:

  • How to cook nourishing foods for the post-partum year

  • Natural and Holistic health for the family

  • Gentle movement  and singing techniques for mother and baby

  • Mother and infant massage

  • Using Reiki and other Self-care Techniques

  • Deepening the connection between a mother and her partner

  • Establishing healthy home rhythms

  • BengKung Belly Binding

  • Mayan abdominal massage

This class is for mid to late term pregnant Mothers, and those postpartum with babies 0-12 months. Please, join us for a Mother’s circle that cultivates something, sacred, ancient and beautiful in you, the act of Intentional Mothering.

Our circle ilillith-logos currently open waiting to be filled for our next 8-week class in the fall.  Please contact me for information on joining. Fee for joining our 8-week class is $250 (sliding scale/payment plans are available)

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 Email me at [email protected] to join in Essex Junction, Vermont

Lillith is an Ordained Minister with The Universal Life Church and ArchDruidess of The Grove of the Grounded Tree. Studying natural medicine through the Avicenna Institute of Natural Healing, she is working towards her Doctorate in Natural Medicine. She is also trained as a Kundalini Reiki Master. She is a mother of 5 and has worked with children over the past 12 years incorporating a beautiful rhythm into her practice, drawing gentle inspiration from the world around her.