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This month's newsletter celebrates fathers.

  • Fathering with intention~a great article from the Art of Manliness
  • Join our online learning community for only $20 per month and receive support to parent with intention.
  • Let's hear from the dads~ 3 dads share about fatherhood
  • Simple and sweet cards your child can make for father's day
  • Summer yum
  • There are three freebies scattered through the newsletter 🙂

Since our newsletter reaches a large and diverse audience, I want to acknowledge that not all families have a father in the constellation. Mothering Arts recognizes all of the single mamas, step-mamas, foster mamas and folks who identify with the father role. Perhaps this month's newsletter might shine light on your own father or help see the father in your child's life in a new way. 

Naples Italy - January 6 2016 in a main street of the old town an African man singing and playing the bongos accompanied by his two children little ones.

A few years ago I found a website called the Art of Manliness and was really impressed by an article called, Fathering with Intentionality: the Importance of Creating a Family Culture by Bret and Kate McKay. Bret writes, "I want to create a close-knit, fun-loving family and raise children with upstanding character. So I’ve asked the parents of the families I admire what their “secret” is to creating such a tight family bond. They all pretty much say the same thing: They’re intentional about creating and fostering a positive family culture." In this well written article, one in a series, Fathers are invited to take up the role of creating a family value statement, creating family meetings and stepping into a heart centered leadership role. The article offers plenty of practical resources to help get you going. Moms, I know you might want to spearhead this, but perhaps there is a way to gently invite dad to hold the reigns for this endeavor. Click Here to read the article and link to the others in the series.

Creating a family culture through an inspired and intentional home-life is the theme of our monthly Heart of the Home online learning community. Each month we create a vision, weave in some gifts from the season and connect with our family in simple joyful ways in every day life. You will receive gentle guidance to align with how you want to feel as a parent and how make space for the things that cultivate those feelings. Each month new content is released, many printable guides help clarify your family vision, thoughtful articles from our collective of contributors, simple activities that create deeper connection, ways to nurture yourself, recipes, journal and conversation prompts, a monthly live video, handwork tutorials, and a thriving warm community of moms who are willing to share their own wisdom.

If you are ready to feel centered in your parenting vision, this course is for you, join anytime and access the monthly content at your own pace. Receive accountability, support and encouragement along the way as you embody the heart of your unique family.

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I asked the Mothering Arts Community, what quality does the father of your children bring to the family? Here are some of the replies:

Play and humor, a place for all kinds of art, love, compassion, play, commitment, silliness, stability, fun, predictability, calm, support, Complete parenting partnership.

Connection, dedication and the deepest love. His ability to see his children as perfect how they are and his striving to allow them to unfold without pressuring them to be anything other than truly themselves.

Unconditional acceptance and reverence shine from deep within him. He also adds a dash of silliness and goofiness that our family adores. 

Encouragement, Experiencing and observing hard work and dedication, hands on (exciting) adventures, mostly weekend ride along and observing (our son is two) practical knowledge/skills (construction skills, mechanical skills) Dad = FUUUN!

Spontaneity, wrestling and rough-housing, laughter and play and the bread and butter!

Creativity, Complete adoration of his daughter. My dad brings backbone, persistence, pride and the gift of gab. My husband brings snuggles, consistency, deeply engaged play and loving acceptance. My husband is dedicated and determined to raise our kids to meet their full potential.

He is encouraging and firm, and also playful. My kids have a different, lighter, louder energy about them when daddy is home. My Father is grounded like the oak tree. He is able to stand with the feminine principle of the great mystery and respect and trust her. My Husband, Partner and Friend is as it is put by Tich Naht Hanh, he is my Home. I am so blessed to have two such men to dance with in this beautiful life!

Let's hear from the dads...

Parents tend to the heart of the family, the tender moments, the hugs joys and growing moments and growing moments that we get to witness each day. At the root of the word parenting is the word parent, not child, and the journey of witnessing our children unfold is reflecting a deep transformation which is simultaneously happening inside of each of us. I asked 3 fathers at three different stages along the lifetime path of parenting to share a bit about their experience of fatherhood and here is what Michael, Karmendra and Chris shared. 

Click here to read from three awesome dads.


Summer is here! This fall my son will be going off to Kindergarten, I feel equally excited and tender about this next step. He has a wonderful school and teacher filled with sweet community....and a very involved mom, lol! This summer, I want to fill up our souls with the things we love the most. Camping, hiking, canoeing, biking, beach-ing...anything in the great outdoors is what lights up our hearts.

Next week, we are creating a family fun list for summer and our goal is to check everything off the list. For our son, it's often the little things that he names as his favorites like, having a campfire in the yard, going for ice cream and collecting seashells. Have you asked your child what his favorite activities are? Does your child know what lights you up?

Click here to print out your free summer fun list, and fill it up with all the activities that make your heart sing. Please share a picture in the comments or on our Facebook page of your list or of your family in the midst of creating memories.

Who does't love a hand-made card? Click here to see three of my favorite cards to make with your child for Father's Day.





Our family's intention for June is Adventure. We have two camping trips on the calendar already and a few longer hikes. It's also my son's 5th birthday and he is finally ready to have a birthday party. We are doing a forest treasure hunt in a local park with maps and clues, I even have a few former (big kid) students who will be sharing forest fairy clues along the way. What are some of your favorite ways to find adventure? Where and when do you feel the wildness of life? Click here to print our free calendar for June that has a spot to list special days, home-care and meal ideas. *illustration by Kathryn Cole*


The recipe of the month is Raw-cho cheese dip. This nourishing vegan dip will remind you of the yummy cheese sauce on little league nachos from summer ballgames. You must try it, it's easy and delicious!

Click here for the recipe.




There is more to life than simply increasing it's speed. -Ghandi (1)

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