July Muse~Letter

Summer is here and we are ready for some fun and adventures. Our family's word of the month is Play. Play is our parenting inspiration, how can we be more playful through everyday parenting? When play is at the root of our family decisions, we make time for more games, imagination and silliness in daily life. It has been sweet to remember the things my husband and I liked to do as children during summer like swimming in lakes, playing in the neighborhood until the street lights turned on, and camping in our own back yard. Play invites levity, freedom, humor, movement, joy and creativity, all qualities to support a healthy family life. So get out there and Play!

In this monthly-muse, you will find:

    • Beyond Babywearing... or really, Before. An article by baby wearing consultant Rachel Ullman about the nurturing that comes from holding our babies.
    • A few helpful tips about camping with little ones~you can do it!
    • Recipes to celebrate the flavors of the summer
    • Two awesome online resources for parents
    • 2 Free printables~July calendar and a collection of meal blessings


grammyRachel Ullman writes, "As a babywearing educator, I often present my typical “Babywearing 101” schpiel to groups of parents.  I go over all of the reasons to consider using a baby carrier (especially, in lieu of lugging around a big car seat that was designed, truly, for use in the car, only), the biological instincts and reflexes that babies come into the world with that tell us they are meant to be carried in arms, the types of carriers out there, safety and comfort considerations, etc.  But, what I try to always get out there to parents… the real “meat” of my passion… is that the baby carrier as a device is really just another tool to help you, because YOU are the baby carrier.  The product can help support your arms, your body, your muscles, but you, the caretaker, or you and your network of caretakers, are caring for and carrying the baby, physically, mentally, and emotionally". Click Here to read the full article.

artwork by Kathryn Cole designs

artwork by Kathryn Cole designs

Camping with Little Ones

To some of us, camping with a little one may sound scary or difficult...the thought of it may stop you from even trying. I hope the pull and magic of mother nature is stronger than any doubts because, YOU CAN DO THIS.

We have been camping with our son since he was 3 months old, and now our 11 month old foster baby has found a love for sleeping under the stars too. Before you head out to get wild, I have a few tips to help you along the way. Click here to read about ways to make family camping easy and fun.

Grab your free printable July calendar with space for special dates, meal planning and even a place to list your home-care intentions for the month. Don't let the dreaminess of summer slip by, write down some fun outings for your family.

A great resources for parents and child-care providers. Feel free to share this link with a friend, parents need all the help we can get 🙂

Click here to receive your free calendar for July.




watermelon agua fresca

Watermelon Agua Fresca recipe from Herb Mentor.

This simple recipe has 4 ingredients, watermelon, strawberries, mint and water. It is hydrating for busy children and for breastfeeding mamas, it is lovely to look at, and the ripe fruits are sweet enough without adding sugar. Keep it in the fridge for a a day or so, it's best when fresh.

For adults, we served this as a margarita with tequila and fresh lime juice...it was a hit!


Summer Tomato and Avocado Salad 749ceaa985e3b9cfe7eec144cef2f23a

My friend Sara Woll shared this simple recipe with me last year.

Slice and combine:
One big beautiful tomato
Half of one cucumber
One avocado
Small handful fresh basil

Add a squeeze of lemon, bit of olive oil, dash sea salt
Three tablespoons nutritional yeast
Dice finely and sauté three big kale leaves in olive oil
Mix it all together and enjoy.This is great on its own, or over crispy lettuce, and/or a handful of freshly grilled chicken.
May the summer fruits and herbs ripen your intention to live summerfully!

How to children learn gratitude and reverence? They learn by those around them. When you practice grateful living, your children will too. Please enjoy our free 3 page collection of meal time blessings and give thanks at this abundant time of year. Blessings on your meal.

Click here to print our lovely meal blessing collection.


Healthy Home Rhythms, A self-paced online-course


Even in the dreaminess of summer, a nice home rhythm can bring balance between rest and activity while weaving presence into our parenting. If you are new to the idea of creating rhythm in your home life or if you want to get back to basics and simplify, this course is for you.

Sign up today and receive lifetime access to the course, 4 printable seasonal rhythm charts, a meal planner and plenty of practical inspiration. Parents of babies, we have a special section just for you. It's only $40! Click here to learn more.

Join a thriving online learning community of mothers who are embodying their unique art of mothering through the rhythm of the year. Each month new content guides you to get clear on your parenting intentions so you feel rooted in your family values and prioritize the things that align with your family's wishes.

The Heart of the Home online learning community is for parents like you who want to cultivate more connection and joy in every day life. Join over 70 warm and supportive mamas anytime and stay as long as you wish for $20 per month.



Happy Summer! with heart, Kerry

wreath Indian summer


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