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Joyful Mothering Circle~ Martinez, CA

A morning circle lead by Amy Jo Mulvaney


Congratulations on crossing the threshold into motherhood. You have just begun a profound transformational journey.  You have been chosen to nurture a human life and continue to sustain its vitality with your warmth and nourishment. Whether this is your first time or your fifth time, we would love to have you join us for a Mother’s circle where mothers, babies, and wise women come together with the intention to embrace a gentle postpartum time. A place where nurturing can truly be experienced by each mother and baby.  A place where you can share openly tears, questions, doubts, fears, laughter, and love by being vulnerable to just be yourself. This is a place for mamas who birthed (or became a mother) in any way, who feed their baby in any way, who sleep in any way. This is a place for every art of mothering. A place to encourage women to embrace mothering as a path of self-development and a place where they can learn how to experience joy.

Over the course of nine sessions, we will get to know each other and immerse ourselves in topics that are balanced between caring for ourselves, our babies, and our families.

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What you can expect from our circle:

  • Tea and Freshly Prepared Organic Snack
  • An Opening Blessing
  • Personal Check-In Share Circle and journal writing
  • Receiving Wisdom from practitioners working in our community
  • Social Time to connect with other new mama’s
  • 24/7 access to our private Facebook Group
  • The feeling of being nurtured and honored

In addition to Amy as the leader, there will also be an elder holding the space as Grandmother.  Occasionally we will have a visit from a wise woman; a local practitioner from the community who will share her knowledge, offering a much-needed resource during the postpartum period and beyond. Prior to each session, you will be given some reading pertaining to the day’s topic(s) which will be added to your personal folder. At the end of the series, you will leave with a packet full of resources you can look back on as well as your precious journal pages.

We Choose our circle topics based on the needs of our currently enrolled Mama's. Some past circle topics have included...

  • Birth Blessings: writing and sharing your birth story
  • Healing your postpartum body
  • Working in partnership with your partner in caring for your baby
  • Celebrating Your Postpartum Body
  • Relationship and intimacy with Spouse Or Partner After Baby
  • Challenges, importance, and implementation of a self care routine
  • Herbal Support For Mama And Baby
  • Nutrition And Meal Planning
  • Yoga For Postpartum
  • Helping your infant establish sleep rhythms
  • Fostering independent play in your infant
  • Discovering and embracing the new you



Our circle will meet for 9 consecutive weeks from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm. This includes 30 minutes of unstructured social time to connect with other Mamma's during which you will be served a freshly prepared organic snack. Space is limited to 10 Mamas with and their babies 0-12 months old.


Our Winter Circle will meet for 9 Mondays from January 22nd until March 19th. The Circle Rate is $225 (early bird)  $270 after January 8th and is due in full by our first circle. PayPal is accepted. Payment by cash or check is preferred.

Spring Circle will meet for 9 Saturdays from April 7th until June 9th. (skipping May 5) The Circle Rate is $225 (early bird)  $270 after March 26th.

All circles are held at Song Sparrow Playgarden in the peaceful Alhambra Valley of Martinez.

If you're interested in joining us please complete the registration form.

I look forward to meeting you and your new babies!

Warmth and Blessings,




About Amy
My name is Amy. Some people call me Amy Jo. Some little people call me Ms. Amy, one precious girl calls me Mama. I am a musician, an amateur photographer, a wannabe sewer and beginner gardener. I live on a half acre in peaceful Alhambra Valley with my husband, my daughter and our two shaggy black dogs.

I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Liberal Studies from California State University Northridge where I also received an elementary grades teaching credential. Through nannying, my path wound from working with elementary students, to toddlers, and then with infants. I am a Lifeways Graduate (Waldorf Early Childhood Education), have completed the RIE Foundations course, Mothering Arts Training, and a Postpartum Doula core training through Natural Resources in San Francisco.

After the birth of my daughter, Sylvianne, in January of 2015 I began attending RIE classes and Waldorf Parent/Child regularly. Last year, I began supporting women on their journey into motherhood by leading Mother's Circles in Rockridge and plan to begin hosting them in early 2018 at Song Sparrow Playgarden.