Home Rhythms

Ready to create space for what really supports your family?
Housework seem impossibly endless?
Feeling disconnected from your children, your partner, your community?
This class is for you!

 In a culture that seems to thrive on busyness, how can we model peace and presence in our family? Learn how to create a healthy family rhythm in this three part class. Be part of the change that is focusing on nurturing a home life that is simple, connected, and balanced. The secret is establishing a healthy home rhythm.

New to the concept of rhythm? This class is for you. Understand the concept but can’t seem to find a schedule that feels right? Do you have young children from newborn to age ten? This class is for you. 

IMG_4123In our three part in-person Sebastopol class you will receive:

  • one seasonal printable rhythm wheels (and ability to download as many as you want for each season)
  • one meal planner (and ability to download as many as you like)
  • personal help creating your unique routine
  • plenty of practical resources for inspiration
  • lifetime access to the accompanying self-paced e-course. ($40 value)
  • learn from other parents in this local in-person class

Create time for fun, home-care, family traditions, self-care and nourishment. When you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to print as many seasonal rhythm wheels and meal planners as you wish. Glean wisdom from  other parents in your community as well as hundreds of parents around the world taking the e-course. Cost $60 for the series of three classes.  The classes are held from 7-830pm at the Creative Parenting Center located at 7151 Wilton Rd. Suite 102 in downtown Sebastopol. Street parking available. Our January-February class is now full and we are registering for our next three part class March 1st, March 15th and March 22nd.

Space is limited to 12 participants.

THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY FILLED. You might be interested in joining our Nurturing the Heart of the Home class, Tuesday March 8th.

Our three local classes are:washing

  • March 1st~ Commitments/Work and Home-Care.                        In this class we will reflect on the obligations that you already have and notice how they fit into your week. We will take stock of the chores that happen daily and weekly and craft a rhythm that cultivates balance. Home care will be manageable and include your children.

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  • March 15th~ Creating Connections through the day.                 Now that we have noticed what needs to be done, we will focus on how it can be done. In this class we will learn how to create joyful connections and special moments through the day with your family. we will also focus on sprinkling moments of self-care through the day and scheduling special activities through the week. With a healthy rhythm, you can resist the urge to muliti-task because you will know that there is a time for everything. As a result,you will experience more presence with your family and gentleness with yourself.


  • March 22nd~ Meal Planning.                                                                       IMG_3921

A challenge for many families is preparing nourishing foods through the week. Using the secrets of old fashioned meal prep and the simple rhythms of a Waldorf Kindergarden, learn how to cook less frequently and eat more through the week. Include your family in the meal preparations and learn easy meals to make at home. You will also receive a resource page of recipes and prep plans.

THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY FILLED. You might be interested in joining our Nurturing the Heart of the Home class, Tuesday March 8th.


The concepts and ideas in this course offer modern families a platform of values that will enhance and change lives. In its simplicity, the effect is powerful. It has the capacity to truly make a parents journey more enjoyable and more importantly, it offers space and time to create a deeper connection as a family.”        ~J. Lawless

I recently did this course and was vaguely skeptical about whether it would create major change in our household or even whether I’d finish it… Well, it was amazing. A GAME-CHANGER. I have started new habits that have brought space and breathe and an easy pace to the days. I have stepped meal-planning game up. It has made home care (what I used to call “chores”) feel more manageable and, somehow, fewer. It was a great way to pause and reflect on how i was doing things vs. what I value and envision for our home life. I honestly want to take it again just to refresh and pick up things I missed last time. For anyone interested in slow home, simplicity, rest, and being able to enjoy the present moment, I highly, highly recommend it! ~Alma RE


“The printable rhythm wheels are beautiful enough to frame and I can re-print them as my rhythm changes. Since living with my new rhythm, there have been less meltdowns and more fun. Thank you for this course, it’s priceless.” ~ L.D.


“This simple approach suggests that I look my life in the eye and account for where my minutes go. I am encouraged to intentionally spend my time and energy wisely and in alignment with my values and vision. I am reminded of the importance of relaxation and rest. The annotation of my home-care practices was profoundly freeing for me. I like seeing the amorphous become concrete, it makes them tangible and removes the story behind the obstacles. I am grateful.” ~S.Woll


I really enjoyed the class! Being able to connect with other moms, exchange what works for each of us. It was partly therapeutic for me! I was able to get out of stressful events and simply focus on me and my desire to get a rhythm going. Thanks! ~Carolina

“A decade before I became a parent I first connected with the concept of rhythm when I was a teacher in a Waldorf Kindergarden in Colorado. The days were full, yet surprisingly simple and full of ease. Now, as a parent I see how having a home rhythm supports the well-being of our family. The rhythm changes as our son grows and his needs change. The greatest gift that rhythm offers me is to be totally present with each moment. When I fall into the habit of multi-tasking, my son doesn’t receive my full attention and his actions reflect his feeling of discontent. When rhythm is alive in our home, we have more quality time, we have more fun and actually end up accomplishing more. When we are cooking, we enjoy the chopping and the weaving of different flavors. When we are gardening, we are immersed in the magic of sprouting seeds, the smell of our sage and the bright red flowers of our beans. When caring for our home, we focus on the movement of the mop or the warmth of the dish water, we sing together while tending to our space. When there is a time for everything, everyday moments are full of magic and balance. As parents we spend money on toys, books, clothing and other material objects without thinking twice. Invest in your family’s life and sign up for this course, it’s the gift to your family that will keep on giving.”

With heart, Kerry Ingram

THIS CLASS IS CURRENTLY FILLED. You might be interested in joining our Nurturing the Heart of the Home class, Tuesday March 8th.

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