Holding Up The Sky by Emily Marie Bording

Seana Berglund photography

Holding Up The Sky 


We women who walk the earth

petaled with phlox and rhododendrons,

delight in flushing out its beauty


We women are fields of purple daisies

gathered in crystal vases,

singing the virtues of sunshine


Summer is all a ruckus;

squirrel’s pitching walnuts, a clarinet and robin duet,

a whistling bamboo and howling dogs too


We women have extraterrestrial ears

tuned to stellar pulses,

resonating in our veins


We women have meandering muses

drawn to barnyard scents,

and orchards - laden with poetry


Where hens cackle all day,

proud of their creations

made fresh from scratch


We women travel light,

when our eggs are all gone

love keeps us moving


On we climb

guided by sisterly sherpas,

who have been to where we’re going


Above the Redwood spires

diamonds - set in blue,

crown our heads each night


We women are living circles,

some fixed - some wandering

tethered - only by our imagination


We women hold each other up

and let the sky

rest on our shoulders


- Emily Marie Bording

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