Happy Travels with Young Children, 5 favorite activites

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go….

So many of us will be traveling over the next few weeks to visit family and friends over the holidays. How can we make it easier on the children and on ourselves? I have a few quick tips to make the journey as fun as the destination.

For young children (3-7)

009485_11.   Melissa and Doug Water Wow books. These books have been my favorite companion for going to a restaurant or  being on a long car ride. All you need is a little bit of water in the spill proof pen-paintbrush. Each scene reveals hidden images with water. The book is also reusable which is important to us, we have three in rotation.




stockmar-modeling-wax-modelling-beeswax_12.  Beeswax for modeling. Keep those little hands busy with some colorful modeling beeswax. For children under 5, it may be nice to simply play with the beeswax as it warms, bends and stretches. Other children may want to make a form. You could even suggest creating things that see out the window or create a gift for someone you are going to visit. I like the Stockmar modeling beeswax and I like order from Bella Luna Toys.




3. A printable scavenger hunt with words and images. This one is from mom’s mini van. Give your scavenger hunt printable an upgrade and include stickers rather than a pen for checking off found objects.

4. Sparkle Stories. stream sweet and wholesome tales by age, season or by series.  Story spinner, David has a clear and kind voice which has our 4 and a half year old on the edge of his carseat when we are on a long drive. They generously offer a 10 day free trail and then you can opt in to an affordable subscription.

5. Create a magic bag filled with goodies that are wrapped as a gifts. As you are travelling you could hand them out or hide them in the car or on the plane…be creative and make it fun.Fill your magic bag with: pipecleaners, wikkistix, glow in the dark toys if you are travelling after dark, stickers and a sticker book, library books or books found at the thrift store, and yarn for fingerknitting (5-7).

Don’t forget to stop and move around. You could stop and do a quick follow me game Can you follow me on tip toes like a fairy? Stomping like an elephant, trunk swinging side to side? Can you scurry quickly like a mouse? Hop like a jackrabbit?

Pack healthy snacks like veggie sticks and hummus or fruit and nut butter….and plenty of water.

For babies and children under three, stop and create time to connect with a sweet song or touching game. You can click here to download a printable PDF of four simple ways to connect with wee ones.

Happy Travels to you and your family.

Please comment with some of your favorite activities for travelling.

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