February: Games & Crafts

For the month of February, we have some sweet games to share with your sweethearts, and some simple crafts to celebrate Valentines Day. Please share your own special games and crafts in the comments. 


Sweet little Bay

Sweet little Bay

The Wind (author unknown)

Shhh, say the tall trees blowing in the wind. (Baby is on lap facing parent, gently caress from top of head down to feet with both hands)

Pitter patter pitter patter, rain is falling down. (Your fingers make rain drops on baby’s head and shoulders)

Shhh, say the tall trees blowing in the wind. (Baby is on lap facing parent, gently caress from top of head down to feet with both hands)

Flutter flutter, leaves fall on the ground. (hands gesture leaves falling from above onto lap)


If you can find three willing participants, this poem is a favorite to wrap everyone up as cozy as can be. When I had a home playgarden, two children would hold a white silk above the birdies and gently float it up and down for the snow. You could also make this into a finger play and wrap your own fingers with a bit of cloth.


The Three Sparrows
by Christian Morgenstern

Upon a hazel branch I spied
three little sparrows, side by side.
On the left is Felix, on the right is Franz,
and smack in the middle is smarty Hans.
Their sleepy eyes they tightly close,
and over their heads it snows and snows.
They snuggle closely together, all three -
but Hans is the warmest, none snugger than he!


photo by Jeneanne Ericson

photo by Jeneanne Ericson


Valentines Day is coming and I've always been attracted to the idea of a gratitude jar. This one can be filled with love notes from the whole family to take out anytime. It's a doubly wonderful gift to create it and for the receiver to enjoy it. Tis a gift to simply be acknowledged.


jar of love notes

Vday labelsMake a jar of love notes and gratitude for your beloveds. Grab a jar and some pretty paper. You can transpose thoughts from your child by asking a few questions like, "tell me about mama" or "something that I love about daddy is..."  Fill the jar and print out one of these lovely labels from World Label.




For those who love a needle and thread, Paper & Stitch has a tutorial on how to make this sweet Valentine envelope. We tried this pattern with water colored paper that my son painted pink, and it turned out great.




This month we are accepting applicants for our Community Supported Postpartum course that starts February 23rd. Join a small and lively group of folks who are devoted to creating supportive communities for new families in their own neighborhood. We have 3 spots left.

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