February: Classes & News

It's happening!!! Our group leader training is offered only a few times each year and we still have a few spaces for you to join February 18th.

The Mothering Arts Group Leader Online Training is weaving connections for mothers, babies and communities that creates a ripple of change.

Sign Up for our one week online group leader training February 18 2017. Space is limited and we expect to fill up quickly for our winter course, join today and reserve your spot.

The Mothering Arts model feels like a much needed balm for a culture that places undue value on individualism and consumerism that can leave new mothers feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Drawing on the wisdom of other women in the community and creating a inter-generational circle for women and children to gather, share, and create feels essential in creating true community. I have so appreciated this training and it’s offerings. I am completely inspired to bring what I have learned here into my own community and now I feel confident that I have the tools to do so successfully! ~ Sonja Barclay, Portland, OR

Payment plan now available.

Every mother is an artist, and life itself is her canvas. Our newest  online course, The Heart of the Home, supports mothers to embody her unique art of mothering. Connecting with the rhythm of the seasons, creating monthly intentions and receiving support through the year we can find magic in everyday life. A warm and welcoming community of over 70 mothers just like you are supportive, engaged, sharing questions, ideas, victories and challenges in our forum.

A collective of wise woman contributors offer practical knowledge from herbs for wellness, healthy eating, self-care at home and even a home clearing Konmari consultant. Ursa Wild Design has created a lovely perpetual calendar wheel for the year, bedecked in gorgeous images from nature to accompany your family's special days. It's a place to transcribe birthdays, holidays, festivals as well as planting, harvesting and meaningful traditions. Monthly worksheets and videos will guide you to get clear on HOW you want to feel and WHAT are the things that cultivate that feeling.


We now offer $20 monthly payments as well as a money saving single investment for this year long course. Join anytime and pace yourself within each month.

Join The Heart of the Home today.

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New Circles for are popping up all over the country for mothers and babies to build community and receive nurturing in the postpartum year. All of these heart-felt offerings are lead by women who have completed the Mothering Arts group leader training, and are now devoted to uplifting mothers in their own community.

If you are near Essex Junction, Vermont tell your friends about the Mater Luna Circle. Lead by Lillith, mother of five with deep knowledge in natural medicine, she will focus on one of the most sacred things in all the world: Motherhood. We take a nurturing, loving and mindful approach to this celebration.



For mamas in Oakland, California the Mom-Me circle is lead by two amazing women, Belle and Amy Jo who both have unique strengths and gifts, and are woven together through the ideals of LifeWays. Postpartum is a sacred and delicate time that should be honored and protected. Join the Mom-Me circle for a Waldorf inspired Mother’s circle where mothers, babies, and wise women come together with the intention to embrace a gentle postpartum time.


Parents near Port Hadlock, Washington Molly at the Sunfield Waldorf School is offering a lovely weekly class for you and your wee one. Seedlings Parent-Infant Circle is for mothers to be and parents and their babies ages birth to 1 year postpartum.  We gather each week to share wisdom, challenges, joys and casual conversation.



Long Lake, Minnesota has a beautiful offering, New Mama,  for mothers and babies lovingly held by Dorothy at My Healthy Beginnings. Together we will create a community of support and collective wisdom while learning nourishing ways of connecting to your family and your center – all while snuggling our babes.  Come as you are!


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