Community Supported Postpartum Plan

Mothering Arts Community Supported Postpartum Plan

Plan for the tender postpartum months by tapping into the gifts of your community. Our community supported postpartum plan will guide you to organize a fully supported "fourth trimester" by tapping into the heart of your community.

For expecting families, this will help you create a vision of how you would like to be supported after baby comes. Your community is eager and happy to help you ease into your new family life, they just need a little guidance. This plan is full of thoughtful details, and even a script for requesting support.

For friends and family (and doulas too), give the expecting family the gift that keeps on giving; support! Sometimes it's hard to know how to best be of service to a new family. This printable plan will cover preparations for meal support, postpartum nurturing, practical every day tasks and everything in-between. We have included our favorite tips to create an environment of respect and ease.

Thanks for your support in nurturing community in the postpartum year.