connect before you expect

Connect before you expect.

Are transitions a challenging time for your little one?

Shouldn't we be having more fun?

Do you want to create a practice of slowing down and being more present with your child?


Transitions can be challenging for little ones. One simple and fun way to make transitions easier for children is to connect with 100% presence with a sweet song or game before the next activity. This practice invites parents to pause, to share a moment of total presence and to connect heart to heart. Bringing joy and weaving context though the day strengthens your relationship with your child. Having a consistent ritual of a game, verse, or song before bed, bath, or meals helps children know what's next. Singing and games offer a dose of fun in daily life and support a calm, slower pace as well as a sunny mood for parents.

Just remember the rhyme connect before you expect.

Create a moment of connection with your child before expecting her to jump right in to the next activity. Give it a try and see how transitions will get easier ... for both of you!

Our lovely printable PDF has a good morning verse, a meal blessing, a sweet game for getting dressed, bathed, or diapering, as well as a beautiful bedtime verse.

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