Self-Care for Parents for the Holidays


Self-Care for Parents

  • Practice a pause throughout your day. 
  • Create space for quiet and stillness.
  • Model the importance of slowing down during our shortest days and longest nights.
  • Light a candle or a fire.
  • Walk beneath the stars.
  • Unplug.
  • Write a letter of gratitude to yourself.
  • Say no to an event.
  • Say yes to rest.
  • Embrace your role as the magic keeper this holiday and have fun!
  • Organize friends to go caroling at a senior home.
  • Add some fir or balsam oil to your oil diffuser.
  • Turn on your email's vacation responder over your holiday... or longer. 
  • Join the FREE LifeWays Holiday Vision mini course online December 8 & 9 and walk away knowing how to celebrate this holiday season aligned with your heart's wishes.

The last three years I have "attended" a three part Women's Winter Solstice phone call that was very lovely and nurturing by Barbara Hannelore. Each call was 30 minutes and was a perfect pause just for me during the holiday season, it begins December 4th.

Come spend 3 quiet interludes during the turning of the year, I'll be there. Barbara offers this invitation; "Settle yourself and breathe a welcome sigh of relief as you release tension and connect with the essence of the season - a time for giving to yourself as well as others, and nourishing that generous spirit within you!"

Conversation/Journal prompts

What kind of family do we want to be?Pine7

What kinds of activities bring well-being to our family?

What do you want more of this holiday?

What do you want less of this holiday?

When do I feel still and peaceful?

What kind of feeling do we want to have in our home?

In what ways can we become more service-oriented as a family?

What does enough feel like?



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