Let’s hear from the dads!

For this month’s newsletter, I asked 3 fathers to share a bit about their experience of fatherhood and here is what Michael, Karmendra and Chris shared.  Kevin Karmendra Rossy~Father of one sweet pea. Tell me a little about your family….. My wife Jayantii, and I are a unique and simple couple that I feel try…

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The Art of Mothering

Motherhood is amazing, truly. I love my son more than I ever thought possible, so much so that at times I think my heart will burst. I could start writing about the joy and beauty he brings to my life and I would probably never stop. But, there is ample space in my life to…

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Nayana’s Story, My Reincarnating Child

Thank you Bridget for sharing this beautiful story. My new baby, my third and probably last child, is almost six months old.  I have only had the honor of calling her mine for mere months, but Nayana and I have a history that goes back years before the quiet October night when I held her…

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She Let Go

The following post was written by Claire Gillenson whose mission is moving loss to possibility. Loss is a part of life, and miscarriage is all too common not to talk about. I admire her openness and am grateful that she creates space for the grieving process. Here is the wisdom she has shared. Warning: This post is intensely personal, and…

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The Story of Jack

I met Angi through a good friend in common years ago, footloose and fancy free wine tasting in our beautiful Sonoma county. Ahh, life before children was so different. Some people, you just like right away…she was one of them. Sparkling eyes and a bright smile are her outfit of choice, complimented by the sandals of…

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The Conundrum of Conscious Parenting.

  Part of our ‘coming of age’ and ‘finding ourselves’ involved leaving our hometowns and the level of consciousness they embody and planting ourselves in areas that evoke and support the continuous awakening of a broader awareness of ourselves, the world, god, and the meaning of our lives. Our hometowns and blood families served us…Read More

Freedom From Fundamentalism

I grew up on the east coast, lived for eleven years in a tiny ski town in Colorado and five years ago moved to the north bay area of California.  I settled in a small progressive town about an hour north of San Francisco in Sonoma County.  The weather, beautiful coastline, foods, and free spirited…

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 My husband knew I was nervous because I'd asked him what I should wear at least three times that day. I still hadn’t lost my pregnancy weight and hadn’t realized that the hope of concealing my ripened motherly figure was just a symbol of the burden I carried from the trauma of my son’s birth.…Read More