Self Love & The Moon

Self-love and self-care overlap in many ways, and are easy to appreciate, in theory. We can take better care of others if we are in good condition, ourselves, for one thing! But how do we accomplish this, exactly, in the midst of our busy days? Do you feel challenged in this area? Fortunately, fitting self-care…

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Winter Blessings

Artwork by Amanda Clark Even though the light is slowly beginning to grow again now that Solstice has passed, we are only beginning the dormant season of Winter. Winter is the perfect time for stillness. We still have plenty of time to deepen into the season with our questions, our dreams and visions, and take…Read More

Softening our Edges

Parenting can give us dozens of opportunities (sometimes all in one day) to be taken to our edge. Sleep deprivation, crying and whining can bring one to her threshold. One practice that I find so helpful is to soften my edge when I get there. Typically when I find edge my child is clearly needing…

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Nurturing our Relationship

Nurture your relationship as you would nurture a seedling Relationships are alive and dynamic they need love, care, and nourishment to thrive. The first year of new parenthood can be both blissful and the most stressful time of our entire lives. Few people acknowledge the earth shifting impact of parenthood on our relationship/marriage. Life becomes…Read More

The Yoni Steam

yoni steam seat

Yoni Steaming . . . ?!!!! Yoni steaming is an old wise woman way of healing yourself directly through your yoni. An herbal blend is made for you; herbs will be specific to your condition. The herbs are brewed in a steam pot, and the pot is placed under your open seated chair. Blankets and…

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Infant Massage

Who can resist a naked little baby covered in coconut oil? Not me. Baby massage is one of the healthiest activities to share with your little one. Touch is the earliest of the senses to be developed in the human embryo and the most developed of all our senses at birth. Touch can lift one’s serotonin levels,…

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The Cycle of Balance  

One of the many beautiful and even miraculous things about the menstrual cycle is that it follows the same rhythm as the moon’s phases, or the seasons of the year.  This is a simple truth that has been understood by all people on the earth in earlier times, though it is not something we have…

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Yoga Nidra: Relaxing Deeply to Reside in Bliss

“The idea of Yoga Nidra is to lie in repose and relax the entire body.”   Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep is a deeply restorative practice often practiced at the end of a yoga class, or after the Yoga asana (postures) to prepare the body for meditation. Practiced alone it can offer a profoundly nourishing…

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Mamas & Babies: Building Immunity and Wellness  

      This is the time to back off of outer responsibilities & tune in to our inner need for self-care.  Honor this time of Rest & Recoup, and know that we are doing the important work of modeling this self-care behavior for our children, & building their immunity.   Herbal baths are essentially…

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Dancing Gracefully with Stress and Insomnia

Mother Nature often has all the support we need.  Beautiful mama and astute herbalist, Jen Bredesen, shares ideas on supporting stress and insomnia with natures gifts. Chamomile is a versatile herb long valued for its ability to relieve stress & nervous tension.  It has “soft power”– that is it’s a gentle plant with powerfully effective…

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