Baby Ergonomics, 4 Quick Tips

You know how many companies have OSHA come in and teach how to lift heavy things? Well, mamas are notoriously hurting backs, necks and other body parts while just caring for baby day to day. A few years back, my friend Indira actually came to my home after I gave birth and gave me a…

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Reishi Superfood Truffles

Sometimes I get a little carried away, like today. One of my mama superpowers is to cram as much nutrition into our family’s meals as I can without making it taste horrible. Today, I was feeling the pull of Reishi and it’s amazing immune boosting properties. Tomorrow, my son begins his year at Playgarden with…

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The Art of Mothering

Motherhood is amazing, truly. I love my son more than I ever thought possible, so much so that at times I think my heart will burst. I could start writing about the joy and beauty he brings to my life and I would probably never stop. But, there is ample space in my life to…

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One of the best parts of being at a Mothering Arts circle is  singing together. Ten mamas, ten babies and one very sweet Grandmother gather each week and start our time together in song. Instantly the energy shifts in the room, the babies are smiling, waving arms, kicking legs and visibly comfortable. The mothers are smiling, looking…Read More