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Mothering Arts Bedtime Rhythm



Ah,'s such a sweet time to connect with our children. We read, we rock, we light candles, we sing lullabies, we say our prayers and thank yous, we snuggles, tuck-in and kiss goodnight. And sometimes we fall asleep, it's hard not to after all of that relaxing nurturing. Do you have a bedtime routine? Just as bedtime is a special part of the day for your little one, it is for parents too!




Here are a few quick tips that might offer a bit of inspiration to nurture yourself at the end of the day.


  • UNPLUG. unplug as soon as you can, dinner time is a great marker for unplugging, clicking the airplane mode on your phone and plugging into the rhythm of nature. The blue light on our screens inhibit the production of melatonin, which we need to help us sleep.


  • Step outside to listen to the sounds of nature at the end of the day. Let mother nature be your guide, listen to the birdsong build and then quiet. If you live near water, you might hear the frog chorus begin, or owls hooting, or a nightingale begin to share her stolen songs. Nurturing your senses in nature is great for your nervous system.


  • Be sure your sleeping are is clear of clutter. What's on your nightstand? I'm guilty of having a handful of books next to me (because I like to read many at once...guilty sanguine pleasure) what can you clear away to make a space that feels inviting to rest and peace.


  • Bring in a bit of beauty. Fresh flowers, especially fragrant flowers, are a joy to sleep near.


  • Review your day, meditate, pray or simply practice gratitude. Drift off to sleep with a feeling of abundance and gratitude.


These are just a few ideas to create your own unique bedtime routine. You deserve it.

If you are interested in a sweet nighttime verse to share with your little one, visit our free resources page.

Mothering Arts Bedtime Rhythm

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