Baby’s Face

The Moon is Round

A gentle touching game for baby’s face.

The moon is round (gently trace around baby’s face)

The moon is round (repeat)

It has two eyes (trace baby’s eyebrows)

And knows no sound (touch baby’s nose, then lips)

Eye Winker

Eye winker (touch left eyebrow)

Tom tinker (touch right eyebrow)

Nose smeller (touch nose)

Mouth eater (touch mouth)

Chin chopper, chin chopper, chinny, chin, chin (gently tickle under chin)

Two Little Eyes

Two little eyes to look around, (touch baby’s eyelids)

Two little ears to hear each sound; (touch ears)

One little nose to smell what’s sweet, (touch nose)

One little mouth that likes to eat. (touch lips)

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  1. Jessica Latham on February 11, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    These interactive songs are precious! I’m looking forward to participating with my little one. Thank you for sharing your treasure box of intimate play with us to pass on to our children. Short and memorable, I’m sure we’ll all be singing and humming these often.

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