Baby Ergonomics, 4 Quick Tips

You know how many companies have OSHA come in and teach how to lift heavy things? Well, mamas are notoriously hurting backs, necks and other body parts while just caring for baby day to day. A few years back, my friend Indira actually came to my home after I gave birth and gave me a lesson about how to care for my body while caring for my baby. She has also come to our local Mothering Arts group to share ways to position your body for breastfeeding, lifting baby out of bed, off the floor, and carrying baby with and without a carrier. Just a few tips can really help build a strong practice of body awareness while caring for baby. Indira shares a few simple ways to support your body:


4 Simple Tips for how to care for yourself while taking care of new baby:

  • Any time you can sneak in a nap or lay down quietly, even for 5 minutes, it’s a better use of time than trying to get something else done
  • When picking up baby, see if you can find your pelvic floor and note how it feels, use your legs and your core, let your back relax
  • When breast feeding, try varying positions and make sure your neck and shoulders are relaxed
  • When carrying baby, make sure baby’s body is as close your body as possible, as baby gets older make sure the carrier has foot holds to prevent baby’s hips from being stretched unnaturally and mama’s back from working so hard

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