Fun Late Summer Ideas



Fun ways to enjoy the last days of summer

  • Watch the Perseid meteor shower, happening right now! images
  • What fruits and veggies are in season? Harvest, preserve, freeze, bake, jam, share and enjoy them as much as you can until next year.
  • Go camping, if your backyard is what is doable, go for it.
  • Watch a ball game in your town.
  • Make a playlist just for you and when you have time alone, mama dance party. I like Spotify for creating a playlist.
  • Float in water
  • Lay on the earth and give thanks for life
  • Laughter moves breath and makes space for joy, LOL!
  • Host a gathering while the sun is still warm at dinnertime.
  • Throw a freezer party: invite a few friends and make a big batch of baby foods, pesto, sauces and baked goods with summer's bounty.
  • Make a list of all the fun things you did this summer and circle the ones you would like to do again.
  • Breakfast picnic in the park.

What are some ways you are savoring these last weeks of summer?

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