About me, Marie Keyes-Baechtel.


I am a mother, nurturer, gardener, plant lover, beekeeper, and nature lover.

I am devoted to nurturing those around me- my family, friends, community, plants, and animals. I acknowledge and respect all the wonderful and different ways of raising children and creating a home, and I believe that we can always learn from each other.

I grew up in the Philippines and come from a huge multi-cultural family. I moved to California a year after I got my Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences and Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University. After 7 years, I serendipitously met my husband, and we now have two amazing children who are my greatest teachers. Becoming a mother has changed my life for the better.

In my journey through motherhood and in my search for a community of women and support, I found Mothering Arts and took the Group Leader Training. Three years later, I am finally starting my own mama and baby group. I am also a LifeWays Graduate. LifeWays and Mothering Arts have brought so much joy, love, and growth into my life, and I am forever grateful for everything I’ve learned through them.

I am so honored and grateful to be part of the Mothering Arts team. Being able to support mothers, parents, caregivers, and families means so much to me because I know, first hand, how important it is to have community and to be genuinely supported during our journey of motherhood.