5 Quick Tips for Mini-Moments To Refresh Your Spirit Through The Day

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  • Keep a hydrosol spritzer near your sink. When you wash your hands through the day, give yourself a spritz, breathe deeply.


  • Keep a small bowl of written affirmations by your mirror. First, create or buy some lovely affirmations and put them in a pretty bowl or basket. When you are in front of your mirror, pull out an affirmation and say it out loud to that amazing human in the mirror.
Photo by qi bin.
  • Stand barefoot on the earth. Lay down on the earth. Feel the nurturing of mother earth.


  • Find a moment to pause each day and drink a whole glass of water or tea. Set your intention for the rest of the day.


  • Hug longer. Hugs produce oxytocin, the feel-good hormone, the longer the hug...the better we feel.


Photo by Annie Spratt.

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