We believe the postpartum
days and months are a
precious season in life and
communities should wrap
parents of newborns in care
and support...

we will show you how.

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What is Community Supported Postpartum?
Postnatal care and recovery is one of the most under-discussed and under valued aspects of healthcare in the US, as well as many other countries. Not only are we falling short to support the extraordinary physiologic changes after birth, our culture and systems literally don't create space to acknowledge the huge life changes that come with welcoming a baby.
Time and time again, new parents and postpartum care providers are made to feel invisible.
Community Supported Postpartum groups are local classes for parents and babies to be seen, to be acknowledged, to build community and to be resourced with support to recover and flourish.
Our groups are also for building a thriving ecosystem of fellow postpartum care providers.
Isolation is challenging enough for the new parents we support, let alone in a pandemic.
And isolation is real for post-natal professionals too.
The lonesome doula is a real.
And this is also true for lactation consultants, post-natal nutritionists, postpartum body-care specialists, maternal mental health therapists too.
Just like newborn parents, we have also felt invisible and undervalued.
Health care systems don’t include our work in typical insurance plans. We have been labeled as superfluous or even elitist in our services. The fact is this kind of care and support is vital to families and communities to flourish.
We believe in new parents getting all the support they need to recover and flourish.
Just like the families we serve; we also need a community of support.
The community supported postpartum group model helps you create a collective of post-natal caregivers while simultaneously creating the necessary web of support that new parents need to thrive.
Our online course and handbook give all the details to create and sustain a local parent and baby group that weave families and postpartum support caregivers together in a flourishing ecosystem.

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I believe that as a community, we need to show up for you and wrap you in support and care.

Our culture says that it values motherhood but abandons parents of newborns at the exact moment you most need our care and attention.

(I blame our mainstream preoccupation with individualism, productivity and busy-ness.)

But when you thrive, our children and communities thrive.

So let’s put you at the center of a web of support, right now.

Let’s make sure parent and community group organizers have every resource we need to flourish.

That’s what our Community Supported Postpartum groups are all about.

Our local groups are as unique as each neighborhood. Find a group in your area to gather, receive supportive resources and build community with other parents in the postpartum season.

Community Supported Postpartum Course

Parents don't need another online group. They need each other.

When it comes to connection and community, nothing compares to in-person, heart-to-heart gatherings.

Our Community Supported Postpartum course can help YOU start and grow a local support group for new parents.

Community building for and by New Parents...without the dogma or judgment sometimes found in other parenting groups.

We offer a flexible support group model designed for you to incorporate the gifts and wisdom of your community. Organizers in every community take it and make it their own.

...and now it’s time for YOU to create that in your community, learn more and sign up for our next community supported postpartum course. We begin June 5th 2021.

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In the Blog

I write about the ways communities can support new parents AND the ways new parents can grow their communities.

Because you are growing our future and you deserve a community of care.

We also have guest writers who share stories and resources through the lens of parenting.

Resource Articles for Parents and Caregivers


We share about the ways communities can support new parents AND the ways new parents can grow their communities.

Because you are growing our future and you deserve a community of care.

We also have guest writers who share stories and resources through the lens of parenting in the early months and years.


We offer a growing collection of nourishing and tasty recipes that make every bite a healthy dose of wellness.


Find your rhythm through the day with baby with songs and games. Learn simple songs and games to strengthen connection with your baby through joyful play.



CSP a community support group model that’s here to wrap new parents in care, support and acknowledgement…

...so that you and your family can flourish in these precious postpartum days and months.

This is an inclusive environment. We recognize and affirm that not every body that births is female and that not every post-partum parent has given birth. We welcome you in this tender season of life when you have a body that has recently birthed, when you’re a new parent, when you’re a postpartum mother, or when you’re an adoptive or foster parent of a newborn.

But our current culture, however, often ignores or abandons mothers & parents of newborns at the moment you need us most.

We are here to change that by helping you access and develop your web of support.

Together we can rally to make sure that you and other newborn parents like you have everything you need to thrive -- including a flourishing community of care.

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